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Kylie Jimenez wins ANE’s first-ever Eurostars DE&I award

Kylie Jimenez receives the first-ever DE&I award given by Automotive News Europe Eurostars
The Automotive News Europe Eurostars awards programme annually recognizes the industry’s most accomplished and dynamic executives who have exceeded expectations. For the first time ever a DE&I award was given by Automotive News Europe Eurostars - and it was to Kylie Jimenez, Senior Vice President People & Innovation, Information, Technology & Digital and Corporate Affairs of Toyota Motor Europe.  

Feeling safe, valued, and able to thrive

Under Kylie's guidance we have made a lot of progress in our transformation over the past year. On top of ensuring fully engaged leadership, our activation has involved energetic and passionate employees who want to help drive changes. Engagement across and at all levels of the organization is critical to creating a workplace where ALL of our employees feel like they belong, feel safe, are valued and can thrive.


“This award is a great recognition for our company wide effort which highlights how we are leading in this area. In particular, I have been impressed by how quickly we have made progress – the leaders have really embraced DE&I and built it into their strategies and ways of working. We have always recognized that our people are our greatest strength and creating an environment that encourages differences in an inclusive way allows us to achieve more authentic and more engaged employees. This in turn, makes us more competitive and quite frankly - just makes Toyota a great place to work. This kind of respect for people is part of our DNA and allows employees to realize their true potential, happiness and well-being.”
Kylie Jimenez, Senior Vice President People & Innovation

Examples of DE&I activities at Toyota Motor Europe 

This year we have put in place a Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board as a concrete way of staying in sync with society and bring the outside experts in to Toyota. The board includes senior experts with high credibility and experience across the different areas of diversity. This shows our continued commitment to advance in DE&I and our social impact in Europe. 

Personalized reports, individual coaching and training

Over 97% of our top European executives have now completed the Inclusive Leadership 360 Survey to get anonymous feedback from up, down and across the organization. They all received personalized reports, individual coaching and training on how to make sure they have the insights and knowledge to be truly inclusive.   

We have focused on accelerating development from within by offering Female Senior Managers a Sponsorship Program that has resulted in 100% of participating women advancing vertically or laterally.  

Supporting women with their career growth

To support women with their career growth, we offer a unique development platform with access to training, webinars, a blog and more. Last year we also invited many to complete a potential assessment. Over 250 women completed the assessment and received key insights about their personal leadership profile and training that can be used to accelerate their potential through their individual development plans. 

Our very first Diversity Conference

In 2021 we hosted our very first Diversity Conference which is also a first for Toyota globally. This event was open to all employees in Europe - across all of our European operations including Sales and Manufacturing companies. This takes us beyond corporate citizenship being a ‘nice to do’ activity and firmly puts it as a key expectation of how we will operate in every market in Europe. This year’s edition will take place next month and is broadcasted in 11 languages including sign language to ensure it is truly inclusive.

Safety and DE&I statement

Each management member has chosen their own personal Safety and DE&I statement. We share it at the beginning of every meeting to signal to all our colleagues what is important. It also holds us all accountable to aligning our behaviour. 

To realise a demographically diverse organisation, we also have our 5 Employee Resources Groups. These networks are made up of volunteer employees from across the company who are passionate about DE&I. They provide a safe space for under-represented communities and support us to drive real change. We have diversity networks for gender, culture, LGBTQi+, age and for people with disabilities.  

Girls STEM the Future programme

We are going beyond to promote a more diverse and inclusive society with the Girls STEM the Future programme. We have been working with our social partners for the ultimate goal of increasing female representation in STEM and of course in Toyota and the automotive industry. The low female representation of women in STEM jobs is a problem for Europe where only 18% of engineers and scientist in manufacturing are women. 

Targeting 50% of female hires

In Toyota it is a challenge to get enough female applicants to our open positions and reach our recruiting target of 50% hires, however we did make substantial progress in TME in 2021 achieving 46%. Girls STEM the Future intends to encourage schoolgirls to develop a career path in STEM. 


“Kylie has been passionately driving our DE&I transformation from the first moment that she arrived at TME. This award not only recognises her leadership and that of the great team she has put in place, but also her role in helping the automotive sector to change and to champion the value that diversity and inclusion brings. Many congratulations from all of us to you and to your team, it’s wonderful to see Toyota recognised externally for its DE&I transformation under your leadership.”
Matt Harrison, President & CEO Toyota Motor Europe