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TMMP awarded for gender diversity

Improving working conditions and developing equal opportunities
The Jury of the Regional Plebiscite “Women’s Faces” honoured TMMP with an award for its achievements in advancing gender diversity. They have been honoured in the category “Females Friendly Company” for their “Support Women at Work” programme.

Developing equal opportunities

This award recognises the effort TMMP has made in improving working conditions and developing equal opportunities for all their members. For example, they have decreased ergonomic limitations and introduced training and development programmes that have opened the doors of the company to people of diverse age, gender, education, and experience. Today, about 50% of their new manufacturing area’s crew are women. Gradually, the number of women has increased in technical areas such as Assembly, Maintenance, Engineering Department and Casting. In the latter area, every 5th member is now a woman, compared to 2017 when 0% were women.

Efforts that have a significant impact

This change has also been supported by internal activities that had a very positive impact: 

·  Improving facilities for women (Renovation of rest rooms, female friendly work wear,…).

·  Encourage women to take ownership of their careers and take part in promotion processes to leadership positions. 

As a result, TMMP has observed an increase in the number of women leaders on the shopfloor in the last 3 years. Congratulations to TMMP for their commitment and effort to demonstrate that diversity makes us stronger!


“I had the pleasure of visiting TMMP earlier this month and got to see their diversity in action. What stood out to me was that any member I met with could talk about the benefits of DE&I. The leadership team has been instrumental in leading this change. This has resulted in more equal opportunities, more gender balanced teams and improved working conditions for all members. We are all so immensely proud of TMMP’s achievement!”
Kylie Jimenez, SVP People, Tech & Corporate Affairs at TME