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  2. Toyota boosts biodiversity with its local community

Toyota boosts biodiversity with its local community

TME teams up with various partners to boost biodiversity in the local community
TME’s partners are the Municipality of Zaventem, the Flemish Environmental Agency (Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij), the Regional Landscape of Brabantse Kouters, the Agency of Nature and Forest (Agentschap Natuur en Bos), the Province of Vlaams-Brabant, and Forest Fwd

A biodiverse forest for everyone

We will support the ecological management and expansion of an existing public forest called “Het Zavelbos” in Zaventem, in the eastern outskirts of Brussels. The forest is situated between the E40 Brussels-Leuven motorway and the residential area of Sterrebeek, just 1km from our research and development site. This biodiverse forest will be accessible to the public as from May 2023.

The forest is a so-called ‘young pioneer’, home to at least 6 types of indigenous trees, a significant number of insects, mushrooms, birds and mammals such as squirrels. It will be expanded from 6 hectares to 8.5 hectares, a comparable size to 8 and a half football pitches. Everyone will be able to enjoy strolling the unpaved walking paths through the forest and grassland. There will also be mountain bike tracks and the Zaventem community’s first enclosed dog meadow. It will be one of the largest publicly accessible natural forests in the Brussels area.

TME will support the forest’s management for at least five years, ensuring that local biodiversity is protected and this piece of biodiverse nature is accessible for the local community.

This autumn, TME will invite its employees to plant trees in what will be an extended part of the forest.


“We are particularly pleased that Toyota is playing a pioneering role as a company in preserving its own forest at a local level. This clearly shows Toyota’s social commitment, and marks the start of a great story of everyone coming together to create more green - local governments, organisations and responsible companies as Toyota.”
Frank Missoul, Co-Founder of Forest Fwd