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  2. Toyota Mirai lights up festivities in Brussels

Toyota Mirai lights up festivities in Brussels

A vehicle used as a zero-emission generator
The Schuman Lights Up 2022 event in Brussels, which this year focussed on environment in line with the European Green Deal, used the DC Power Outlet of a Toyota Mirai to illuminate the festivity tent.

Schuman Lights Up

From 5 to 19 December, Schuman Lights Up 2022 featured a festively lit dome tent in the middle of the Schuman roundabout (European quarter) in Brussels. People visiting, could enjoy the festive illumination as well as the cultural diversity of the European quarter. As the 'Schuman Lights Up - Green Energy' programme focused on alternative green energy (hydrogen, wind, photovoltaic), we were happy to support the event with our Toyota Mirai.

Zero-emission power

We did not only have the Toyota Mirai on display to raise awareness on hydrogen mobility, but the vehicle provided the necessary power* to illuminate the event dome throughout the evenings, without any emissions. In Japan, all Mirai have a direct current (DC) voltage output as standard equipment. The idea behind the DC power outlet is to use the power from the fuel cell when needed, for instance to provide emergency power in a disaster area, but also at events like the one at Schuman Square. 

*The DC power outlet Gen2 Mirai connection/Nichicon inverter is only available in Japan and not in Europe. The vehicle used has specifications for the Japanese market only.


“This is the second time that we have displayed the Gen2 Mirai DC power output in Europe. The first time was at the WRC Belgium in August, where we used it to power the workshop lights for the rally team and now we are providing the power for the Christmas lighting inside the tent at Schuman square. Not many people know that the Mirai can also provide electricity from the vehicle without any emissions and we have had many questions from the public about this at the event.”
James Olden, Powertrain team Toyota Motor Europe

How does it work?

The way it works is simple. We connect an inverter box to change the DC output of the fuel cell to AC (alternating current) output, which allows us to connect equipment or household items to the inverter. Using the Mirai instead of another generator has the advantage, that the vehicle can easily be placed wherever you want and no emissions are produced except for water. Using the hydrogen from the Mirai tanks could provide power to an average household for one week. We are happy for this opportunity to showcase our fuel cell technology that can deliver zero-emission benefits to society.