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A decade of giving: Toyota’s partnership with Serve the City

Toyota Motor Europe’s employees creating positive change in the communities where they live and work
As the world celebrates International Volunteer Day, our partnership with the non-profit organisation Serve the City reaches a remarkable milestone of ten years of collaboration. On this occasion, we look back at some of our contributions over the past ten years.

Be the best in town

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) aims to be the best company in town, contributing to the community where it operates. By participating in Serve the City's initiatives, TME members have demonstrated their dedication to creating positive change in the communities where they live and work. Since the start of this partnership, over a thousand of TME employees have engaged in various volunteering initiatives organised by Serve the City, with 742 in 2023 alone. From local community projects to mobility solutions, Toyota's commitment to making a positive impact in society has been unwavering.

Contributing to the community

While the collaboration with Serve the City already started in 2005, the first company-wide activity – a Project Noel campaign, took place for Christmas in 2013. Ever since then, TME employees regularly donate gifts for children in need in Brussels and beyond. Furthermore, TME members have been involved in several projects volunteering their time and skills. They have been helping ‘Lunch 4 All’ programme distributing free meals and drinks to the homeless in Brussels or even reorganise the storage at Serve the City headquarters.

Driving change with electric mobility

Toyota has taken its commitment even further by donating a second Toyota Proace to Serve the City earlier this year – this time a full electric version. The Proace has been helping reach more areas with zero emissions. TME has also helped the members of Serve the City Brussels attend the City European Forum in Krakow, Poland by lending two plug-in hybrid vehicles for the trip to the event.

A voice from the volunteers

On this International Volunteer Day, we are thankful to our colleagues who have dedicated their time, skills, and passion to support Serve the City’s initiatives. Their commitment has not only enriched the lives of those they have served but has also substantiated TME’s belief in the power of collective action for a better community. Let us share some of their thoughts. 

Mercedes Navarro

“Since I started volunteering with Serve the City in 2018, I have taken part in a few projects: Lunch 4 All, Community Kitchen, and eventually Solidarity Breakfast, in which I am now a project leader. Serve The City brings together a diverse and inclusive team of volunteers, where everybody is welcomed with a smile. I love working with this team! Serving breakfast in the street brings me very close to those who need the most basic help: homeless people, people with very little or no income, asylum seekers or migrants that know nobody in this country. And that makes me feel a bit more humble, empathetic.”
“We could say that Serve the City values could be perfectly described with what we call at Toyota ‘5C’s. Courage to break the unconscious bias. Creativity to maximise impact on society with limited resources. Coaching volunteers and recognising their valuable contribution. Curiosity, applying genchi genbutsu to learn where the help is needed. Collaboration showing respect for diverse cultures.”
Said Mercedes Navarro, Value Chain Accessory Development

Miho Thomas Kimura

“I had never taken an opportunity to do any volunteering in Brussels, so I grabbed the chance to volunteer that TME offered. I volunteered together with some of my colleagues at Serve the City for their Street Kindness project in Brussels. I believe together, we as TME can do a lot for our community by serving those in need. By taking this opportunity, I pay my respect to the members of Serve the City for their devotion and hard work to be able to serve foods and basic hygiene goods to as many people as they could, every day, with smile. If everyone did, this world would be a better place to live.”

Daron Bien Aime

“It is important for me to have awareness of what other human reality is. We don’t all have the same chances and opportunities in life for different reasons. Knowing your privileges helps to be grateful. “Solidarity” is not just a word; it is one of my core values which I translate by providing support to people in need when I can. This volunteering opportunity that TME provides is a great way for us employees to work together for a different purpose and achieve great things.”
“It is in Toyota’s DNA to have an active role and create a positive impact on society, not only with the products we offer.”
Said Daron Bien Aime, Specialist, Market Intelligence

Praditchai Tapmalee

“We all know there are people who need help and support around the world. A small help from us could be a BIG gift for them. It was really great to work with the people who shared the same good will. We enjoyed every moment of serving the food and even feel better when seeing those smiles from these people. I am grateful TME for providing such opportunities. Not only this help me to meet new friends and people but also it created a sense of belonging to the community as well.”

Gloria Castrillo Clement

“In order to organize a teambuilding activity that works out the diversity and inclusion for the team, we took part in the Serve the City Street Kindness project. Packs of sandwiches, hot coffee and tea, hygiene products and sweets were prepared with care and team spirit. We then distributed the care packs to the homeless people downtown. Thanks to this opportunity we had the chance to be a team in a different social context and have the grateful feeling of helping the society.”

A shared vision for a better future

As we celebrate this extraordinary journey of collaboration, we look forward to continuing this partnership with Serve the City. The long-term relationship stands testament to the positive impact that can be achieved when corporate entities and non-profit organisations join forces. The shared vision of creating positive change and empowering communities remains at the forefront of our collective efforts. As we look to the future, our commitment to serving communities and driving positive change remains stronger than ever.