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  2. Helping Special Olympics honour all athletes’ achievement

Helping Special Olympics honour all athletes’ achievement

Toyota Germany Foundation donates funds for provision of medals and participation ribbons
Toyota Germany Foundation donated 7,000 euros to support the North Rhine-Westphalian state association of the Special Olympics to ensure that all the athletes can get their well-deserved awards in this year's events.

Award for every challenge

Special Olympics is a global inclusion movement that encourages our society to recognise each one of us with differences and qualities. That is why at all Special Olympics games and events, on top of the top three winners who are presented with medals, all other athletes are awarded with participation ribbons even if they could not finish a competition or disqualified (unless for reasons of unsportsmanlike conduct). 

Support to ensure awards

For 70 Special Olympics events planned for this year, the Special Olympics association of the western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia didn't have enough medals and participation ribbons. Toyota employees in Germany got involved in charitable projects organised by Toyota Germany Foundation and raised 7,000 euros. These funds were donated to the Special Olympics North Rhine-Westphalia so that every athlete is awarded with a token of their courage to try to achieve their sporting challenge.

Start Your Impossible

At Toyota, we believe that everyone should have the chance to maximise their potential by challenging own limits. This 'Start Your Impossible' philosophy resonates with the spirit of the Special Olympics. This is why our Special Olympics partnership is so close to our hearts and this initiative mattered to us. 
“The medals and ribbons are the absolute highlight for our athletes after every event. It's always touching to see a lot of emotions come up at the award ceremonies.”
Nico Herrmann, responsible for action days and sports events
“It is a very special honour for all athletes to be awarded with a medal or a ribbon. As the athlete spokesperson for the Special Olympics North Rhine-Westphalia, I sometimes have the opportunity to do award ceremonies. Each time I do it, I feel how proud and happy they are.”
Stefanie Wiegel, athlete spokesperson, Special Olympics
“For us a competition without medals and ribbons is unthinkable. In line with the Special Olympics sports concept, we honour all participants for their achievements. For 70 events a year, we need a lot of them. We are very happy with Toyota Foundation's strong support.”
Sebastian Bergmann, Public Relations, Special Olympics