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  2. Toyota in full swing celebrating IWD Week 2023

Toyota in full swing celebrating IWD Week 2023

At Toyota in Europe we celebrate the week of 8 March as International Women's Day Week, aka IWD Week
We want to achieve true inclusion by building a rich and diverse organisation that reflects society. With a bold DE&I vision and strategy we are ramping up our activity across Europe. The Toyota IWD Week is an opportunity to express our full DE&I values. 

Demonstrate how we all can embrace diversity

In our headquarters in Brussels, the Gender Diversity Network employee resource group organised engaging events. They were attended by over 2000 people including colleagues from 20 different countries working for various Toyota operations in Europe. Roula Clerc-Nassar, expert consultant in gender diversity and empowering women inspired us in the  'Shine with Diversity' workshop. Secondary  students interviewed 3 female role models working at Toyota - Leila Sharifian (R&D), Shazia Bilal (Purchasing) and Cristina Manso Martin (Parts Supply Operations).*1 An ‘Escape Game’ challenged our employees to unlock the next level of their awareness on DEI through quizzes and other interactive activities. 
“We can all learn something through the discussion and experience of applying equity in our daily lives.”
Marvin Cooke, Toyota Motor Europe Executive Vice President

Call for automotive industry to ensure equity

Toyota GB called for automotive companies to do more to ensure women can build successful careers. In a video message, Toyota GB President and Managing Director Agustín Martín said equality alone is not enough and Toyota is committed to giving women the best opportunities to build fulfilling careers. Rachel Shepherd, Toyota GB People and Workplace Experience, was among the guest speakers in a virtual forum hosted by Automotive 30% Club*2. With the 60 auto industry women attending the event Rachel shared examples of how Toyota is pursuing equity for women, such as refining its recruitment adverts to attract more women. 
“We must create truly inclusive environments to harness curiosity and creativity so that we can deliver exceptional customer service.”
Agustín Martín, Toyota GB President and Managing Director

Meet, talk and raise awareness

Toyota Spain’s Diversity Team hosted five days of talks, training, workshops and round tables for employees to increase their awareness about diversity. The key theme was how to create an inclusive workplace embracing not only gender diversity but also differences in generation, culture and ethnicity, sexual orientation and neurodivergence. 600 employees met face-to-face in one place to interact openly with their colleagues and external speakers. 
“We want all members to feel safe, valued and able to realize their full potential.”
Miguel Carsi, Toyota Spain President and CEO
*1 Thank you Inspiring Girls International and Vlaamse Jonge Ondernemingen vzw (Vlajo) for the collaboration!
*2  Toyota GB was a founding member of the Automotive 30% Club and its campaign to achieve a better gender balance in the industry. This event was the first in a series of Toyota-supported Inspiring Conversation forums that will run throughout 2023.
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