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New Toyota President Koji Sato

Let’s change the future of cars
A press briefing on 7 April, headlined by the new Toyota President Koji Sato, featured our new management team explaining the two key concepts of "carbon neutrality" and "expanding the value of mobility". 

Carbon neutrality

The overall goal of carbon-neutral driving is to be achieved through different routes. Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) will continue to be promoted, especially in emerging markets. Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (PHEVs) are to be given improved battery efficiency and an EV driving range past 200 km. Globally, ten additional Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) will be introduced by 2026, while the mass production of Fuel Cell Electrified Vehicles (FCEVs) will extend to commercial medium- and heavy-duty trucks. Technical development of hydrogen-powered engines will continue, both in motorsports and in heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

Expanding the value of mobility

The second major theme put forward by President Sato is about the expansion of the value of mobility. It includes promoting electrification, intelligence-powered vehicles, diversification and connecting cars to society. Vehicles will become increasingly intelligent and in the next generation of electric vehicles, the car’s operating system will evolve to allow the driving feel to be customised. In the area of services, this year we will begin implementing energy grid systems for an improved EV charging network and logistics systems, which will increase transport efficiency. 

Diversification to add value

The value of mobility will be further expanded in other innovative ways. Connected technology will be utilised to make parts and accessories more easily available. This year already we intend to develop and implement one-touch wheelchair fastening in vehicles. On the motorsports track, we will develop carbon-neutral synthetic fuels using hydrogen produced from water, waste, or biomass. 

The Toyota Mobility Concept

Three more fields were presented where we are working to promote our transformation into a mobility company: expanding the value of mobility, expanding mobility access, and synergizing mobility with infrastructure. What will not change is our historical pursuit of providing safe, reliable, and enjoyable transportation for as many people as possible. From there, we will pursue even higher added value for cars. One way forward is to offer to each customer a “made to measure” car through the integration of any number of useful applications. And of course, we will always ensure that our cars are fun to drive!
“We have to change the future of cars to ensure that they remain a necessity for society.”
Toyota President Koji Sato