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Unforgettable day for volunteers supporting Special Olympics

Toyota employees were part of the volunteers team for the Belgian national games
During the weekend full of emotion of the athletes and their supporters, we were behind the scenes to help. And we received so much inspiration and hope in return. 

Helping setup of the D-day

Ole Diels and Christophe Renaud volunteered to help the technical setup before the opening. “We wanted to make our small contribution to the vision of inclusive society, and we spent an amazing Sunday. Our job was to dispatch technical equipment to different sport locations. A mix of regular volunteers and newcomers including students formed the team. We had great teamwork under the regular volunteers’ leadership. We won’t forget this experience of being part of the preparation of such a big event which generated a lot of emotions and inspirations.” 

Providing support wherever needed

Wim Vanderhaegen was assigned a role of shuttle driver. ”On top of driving a shuttle I did different things according to the situation and needs. At one stage we were asked to follow the torch run with shuttles. The purpose was to let the runners hop into the car and rest when needed. The runners were doing their utmost to complete the run. At first nobody wanted to enter the shuttle, but the first one came in and others followed. Questions popped up about the electric ProAce and the car rocked when they liked the music. It was fun.” 

Energy, determination and respect in the air

Silke Huber supported the table tennis competitions over 2 days. “My role was to accompany the athletes to their assigned tables and helping those with limited mobility, for example picking up their balls. We were mainly regular volunteers, so we were like a family joyfully welcoming newcomers too. I didn’t see one single athlete not going into match with full energy. Their determination, mutual respect and support as well as smiling faces -  these were all heart-warming.”   

Silke shares quotes from a few athletes that made her two days rewarding and unforgettable.  
“I will do my best.”
An athlete speaking to himself on the way to the match
“Never say you are bad at something. You always have to be positive.”
An athlete to Silke saying she is a bad table tennis player
“I would have preferred to compete in order to win.”
An athlete who won his match as his opponent did not show up