Benefits of Hybrid in business

As part of your fleet, Toyota Hybrids make perfect business sense. They deliver class-leading Total Cost of Ownership, a high standard specification and extremely low CO2 emissions which could lead to lower taxation. Our Hybrids work hard to save your business money.

The widest Hybrid range

Ever since 1997, our Hybrid family has continued to grow. Now, with seven body styles to choose from – including the compact Yaris Hybrid, the high-quality Auris Hatchback, the spacious Auris Touring Sports and the adventurous RAV4 Hybrid – as the Hybrid leader we will have a Hybrid model to complement your business.

Renowned quality and reliability

With our renowned quality and reliability at their core, Toyota Hybrids will become a dependable member of your team. Benefitting from lower wear to parts – such as brake pads and discs – our Hybrid models also come with a five-year/100,000km** warranty from new, and when they pass their annual *Hybrid Health Check they are eligible for one-year/15,000km** of extended battery care up to their tenth birthday, guaranteeing you peace-of-mind across your fleet.  * Please check the availability in your region/country  **Whichever is soonest

Class-leading TCO

Thanks to the combination of a fuel-efficient petrol engine and electric power, Toyota Hybrids make light work of saving you fuel and money – making every trip a cost-effective one. With efficiency comes low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Toyota Hybrids enjoy some of the lowest TCO figures in their class, benefiting from low depreciation, low fuel consumption and minimal maintenance and servicing.

Low emissions and running costs

Toyota Hybrids deliver for your business on the road, but also make a bold environmental statement off it. Featuring class-leading CO2 emissions and low fuel consumption they impact our planet less while saving your drivers’ and business money thanks to lower tax and operating costs.

High residual values

Throughout its service, a Toyota Hybrid will remain a real asset to your business. Compared to many competitor vehicles, used Toyota Hybrids enjoy very high residual values: even with 4-5 years service behind them their values remain reassuringly strong, as can be seen across our TOYOTA PLUS used car programme.


Prius Plug-in Hybrid

The Prius Plug-in Hybrid takes efficiency to new levels. Cutting-edge design and a series of world-first innovations contribute to ultra-low CO2 emissions from 22 g/km and fuel consumption from 1.0 l/100km. With an electric driving range of 50km and the ability to switch to hybrid power automatically when the battery runs low, your business can go further for less.


Discover more about Hybrid

The New Toyota Prius The New Toyota Prius Just as the original Prius rewrote the rulebook back in 1997, the all-new model elevates the pioneering Hybrid back where it belongs: at the forefront of cutting-edge design, efficiency and innovation. The new Rav4 Hybrid The new Rav4 Hybrid For over 20 years RAV4 — the original compact SUV — has embodied a spirit for go-anywhere adventures. And now, the sleek new RAV4 features Hybrid technology and a host of meaningful innovations. Hybrid Service Programme Hybrid Service Programme Discover the range of benefits you receive from our Hybrid Service programme, including the Hybrid Health Check and Hybrid Battery Extended Care. Buying a Hybrid Buying a Hybrid Find our best offers to have a Hybrid in your life
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