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A new purchase solution

Drawing on the products and services that have been developed across Europe Region, “Trade Cycle Management” (TCM) is the best example of how TFS can contribute to make a difference for our Customers and ease their access to Toyota. This is your way to Toyota!

3 simple parts:
  • A small deposit: Agree an amount that suits you.
  • An affordable monthly payment: Your monthly payments are then calculated only on the difference between the price of the car minus the agreed GFV and the deposit.
  • A great Guaranteed Future Value (GFV): We set and guarantee a minimum Guaranteed Future Value for your car.
3 flexible choices:
  • Keep it!: If you want to keep the car, simply pay  or re-finance the GFV and it’s yours!
  • Return it!: Hand your vehicle back to us subject to fair wear and tear conditions being met and any applicable fees being paid.
  • Upgrade it!: Part-exchange your car and drive away in a brand-new Toyota.
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Classic loan solutions:

We understand that everyone’s situation is different, which is why TFS have a range of flexible finance options available. Another popular option many customers favour is traditional Classic Loan.

Key Benefits
  • You can decide your deposit, it’s entirely flexible (according to local legal regulations)
  • At the end of the agreement you’ll own your car outright
  • There is no large final payment to make, just a nominal option to purchase fee
  • You can choose the term that suits you
  • Your payments are fixed for the length of the agreement, so there are no hidden financial surprises
Leasing solutions:

TFS Lease contracts are usually offered between 6 & 60 months. (according to your local availability). At the end of the term, ownership does not pass to you automatically, however, you have the option of, either returning your Toyota to your retailer, acquiring ownership or extending the leasing program. TFS Lease contracts can be structured equally over the entire agreement period with or without a final balloon payment at the end. A final balloon payment is a larger than normal final payment resulting in a lower monthly Instalment. It is also possible to refinancing the final balloon payment.

Key Benefits
  • You don't need to own the asset to use it
  • Rentals can be claimed as expense against tax (according to your local taxes regulation) 
  • You avoid tying up working capital 
  • Stepped payments, inflated rentals and other structures can be tailored to your needs
TFS Private Motor Insurance
Insurance Products for Private Customers - Motor Insurance

With a wide variety of insurer’s out there, we have specifically designed our products to ensure that, you have an accident, you are directed back to your supplying retailer and your vehicle repaired with Toyota approved parts. This approach helps ensure that you receive the best service throughout your time with us because it is Toyota who help initiate the motor policy and are also responsible for repairing your vehicle.

This makes sure that our service promises are kept. It also means your vehicle is repaired to the manufacturer's standards, using the manufacturer's genuine approved parts and paint and specially trained technicians. Considerable focus is placed on ensuring the repair processes and materials used are of the highest quality and are utilised efficiently. It is by controlling the cost of claims without reducing quality, that we are able to deliver affordable motor insurance premiums for our customers.

  • GAP. In the event of your vehicle being written off  Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance will cover the gap between the amount you paid for your car, and the amount your insurer will pay out based on its current value.
  • PPI. Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) protects your credit rating so that  in unforeseen circumstances you can still finance a new Toyota in the future.
  • SMART. SMART stands for Small Motor Accident Repair Technology and helps insure your car against small  dents, scuffs and scratches.
  • Extended Warranty. This allows you to extend the standard warranty on your vehicle, even if the car is not a new Toyota.

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Toyota Flex Toyota Flex Toyota Flex is the new easy and flexible way to finance your car for an affordable monthly cost. Toyota Tyre Insurance Toyota Tyre Insurance With Toyota Tyre Insurance, if you do have a tyre problem, we’ll do all the hard work so you can enjoy complete peace of mind on every journey.