Usage Based Insurance

What is Usage Based Insurance?

Usage Based Insurance is our newer, smarter and fairer insurance offering for our customers. Whilst traditional auto insurance uses factors such as your age, location and driving experience to calculate your insurance premium, Usage Based Insurance also considers your driving habits and rewards you for safer and smoother driving—with savings on your insurance renewal premiums.

How does it work?
A wide range of our newest Toyota models are fully connected through DCM connectivity. And because your car is fully connected, you are able to challenge yourself to be a safer and better driver, by improving your driving style across four criteria: acceleration, speeding, cornering & braking. After each trip in your Toyota you are given an overall driving score, a rating for each criteria, as well as personalised feedback on which areas you can improve your driving style. It’s this score which is then used to calculate the discount on your insurance renewal premiums*. And the better your score, the more you are able to save.

*your driving score also takes into account other factors such as the time of day and types of road.

Usage Based Insurance
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What are the customer benefits?
Learn how to get the perfect score on your driving.
Improve your driving style across measurable criteria.
Personalised feedback on every trip you take in your Toyota.
Reductions on your insurance renewal premiums.
Better driving means everyone benefits—both in your vehicle and on the road.

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How can I subscribe to Usage Based Insurance?

Visit your local Toyota retailer, where a member of our team can guide you through the process of signing up to Usage Based Insurance, as well as answer any further questions you might have.

How can I activate Usage Based Insurance?

After you have subscribed, download and register yourself on the MyT app (ideally during the handover of your Toyota, so your first trip can already be displayed). Next, opt-in to connected services within the app. And once you’ve opted in, you’ll now be able find the Usage Based Insurance section within the MyT app to access after each trip, along with a quick explanation of how to use the available features

What is the length of the contract?

Your Usage Based Insurance subscription will typically last 12 months from the date you start a contract, after which period you will have the opportunity of renewal.

Is my Toyota compatible with Usage Based Insurance?

Usage Based Insurance is available on all connected Toyota cars with DCM 18 & 19, or VC DCM. If you’re unsure whether your vehicle has these features, click here to check if your car is listed among all compatible models on the MyT page.

How does Usage Based Insurance work?

Usage Based Insurance is a Pay How You Drive (PHYD) insurance. Your insurance renewal premium is based on your Usage Based Insurance driving score. And this is calculated using the following parameters: breaking, accelerating, cornering, and speed. The higher your driving score, the safer your driving style is and the higher the discount on your insurance renewal premium will be.

How is my driving score calculated?

Your driving score is based on the following criteria: breaking, accelerating, cornering, speeding. However other factors such as time of day, types of road and the amount of time driving also have a bearing on your overall driving score

When do I receive a discount?

You will receive a discount at the end of your initial insurance period, applicable to your insurance renewal premium for the following year.

Where can I find Usage Based Insurance in the MyT app?

Within the MyT app homepage, you can find Usage Based Insurance when you click on the Insurance icon.

Will my insurance renewal premium go up if my driving score is not good?

Usage Based Insurance is designed to reward safer driving with a discount on your insurance renewal premium, however, if for any reason your driving style does not allow you to qualify for a discount, your insurance renewal premium will not be charged above a normal rate.

What about my privacy?

At Toyota Insurance, we greatly value your privacy, which is why your driving analytics are anonymised and at any time you are able to hide any particular trip under Privacy Mode.