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An exciting new era for Corolla

Next-generation Auris officially renamed Corolla
Following a new global naming approach, Toyota has decided to apply the iconic Corolla name for all our mid-range models across Europe. This means that after 12 years at the heart of our range, we are discontinuing the Auris nameplate – starting with the introduction of the new 2019 models.
As you might know, the Corolla remains the best-selling model in automotive history, and is a globally recognised name, with over 45 million vehicles sold since its introduction in 1966. Most importantly, for you as a customer, this is simply a name change. Otherwise, you will continue to receive the same level of support – whether it is for parts or services. The only thing that changes is that you now have a choice between three Corollas – hatchback, sedan and wagon.

The name change coincides with Corolla’s adoption of the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) which offers a more rewarding driving experience thanks to a lower centre of gravity, multi-link rear suspension, and a more rigid body shell through the use of high strength steel as reinforcement in key areas. In addition, the three Corolla body types will benefit from the latest hybrid technology.

The new Corolla Touring Sports will have its world premiere at Paris Motor Show early October 2018 alongside the Hatchback, both in their Hybrid version.