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9 tips for a safe trip

How to prepare for carefree summer adventures
What car checks should I carry out before a summer drive?

1. How to check your car tyres are safe?

Check all tyres (including the spare) are free from damage, tyre pressure is at the recommended level and treads are at least above the minimum legal depth.

2. How to check your engine won’t overheat?

Check the engine cooling system to avoid overheating. Ensure that your coolant level is topped up and check coolant hoses before setting off on a long journey. For more information, please contact your nearest Toyota authorised dealer.

3. How to check your car needs an oil change?

Check your oil levels periodically. If it's time or nearly time to have your oil changed, do it before you leave on your road trip. If you’re thinking ‘what oil’s right for my car?’ then, contact your Toyota authorised dealer.

4. How to check your air conditioning works? 

Check your car’s air conditioning system before you travel. Hold your hand near the air vents and feel the air coming out. If it’s an uninterrupted flow of cold air at the same temperature, then your air conditioning is likely in good working order. 

5. How to pack your car for a road trip? 

Ensure heavy items are stowed on the boot floor behind the rear seats. If you need more space, use a roof rack and easy to install luggage box for added storage. If you’re towing a trailer or boat, ask a professional to install a Toyota genuine tow hitch. Finally, if you’re bringing pets along, ensure your Toyota dog guard is installed correctly. 


Other useful tips for your better journey.

6. How to improve visibility when driving in summer?

Ensure your windscreen screen wash reservoir is topped-up, and use a high-quality glass cleaner to keep your windscreen clean and smear-free. If smearing continues, check that your wipers are free of damage, and fit new blades if necessary. Carry sunglasses with a graduated tint or polarised lenses, to reduce glare and improve clarity.

7. How to stay alert on long drives?

Always take a 15-minute break every two hours on your long journey. For maximum alertness, stop for a snack, stretch your legs and always drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Keep entertained with a driving playlist or catch up on your favourite shows with a Bluetooth® radio.

8. How to keep your car cool on summer days?  

Try and find shade to park under a tree or by a buildings to avoid an uncomfortable return trip. Opening windows or running your air conditioning for a few minutes before setting off, will cool things down, too. For ultimate protection, attach a thermal windshield cover to reduce the effects of strong sunlight.   

9. How to keep children entertained on long drives?  

Get them excited about the journey, show them your route on the GPS navigation system and take a multimedia device for movies, music and games on the move (don’t forget batteries and headphones).

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Summer has nearly arrived, that means it’s time to prepare for a summer road trip to remember. Whether you’re heading to the beach or exploring new sights, the Toyota range of accessories and car checks ensure you’re geared up for safe and carefree summer adventures.