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Toyota Mirai employed as taxis in The Netherlands

The city of Den Haag opts for emission-free transport with a fleet of 35 Toyota Mirai
The city authorities in Den Haag issued a tender in the search for a CO2-neutral transport partner. It was awarded to Noot Personenvervoer, who subsequently received a delivery of no fewer than 35 Toyota Mirai from Toyota dealer Louwman Den Haag.

A milestone in the energy transition

Jan-Christiaan Koenders, Managing Director of Toyota importer Louwman & Parqui, is proud that Den Haag is the very first Dutch municipality with a hydrogen-powered taxi fleet thanks to the deployment of the 35 Toyota Mirai. “We praise Noot Personenvervoer for their drive to realise emission-free transport with our hydrogen technology. This is an important milestone in the energy transition. For a long time, Toyota has been executing a strong long-term vision towards zero emissions. For example, we were the first to introduce the self-charging hybrid car and the first electric fuel cell sedan in the world.”

Taxis available 24/7

Martijn Kersing, Director of Noot Personenvervoer, points out that although this is the first hydrogen taxi fleet in the Netherlands, similar initiatives exist elsewhere in Europe. “Paris already has a taxi fleet of 100 Toyota Mirai. The fact that we have focused on hydrogen is a logical choice. Our client demands that our fleet is available 24/7. Thanks to the large range of the Mirai and fast refuelling, we can now offer this availability.” The range of the Mirai is comparable to that of a petrol car – and it’s just as quick and easy to refuel. In other words – ideal for serving as a taxi.

The taxis that emit only water

The Toyota Mirai has a Fuel Cell Stack entirely developed by Toyota that generates electricity through a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. The 113 kW/155 hp electric motor drives the front wheels. An automatic transmission is standard. The hydrogen is stored in two extremely strong, lightweight tanks made of three layers of carbon-reinforced plastic. Because hydrogen is converted into electricity that drives the electric motor and only water is released as a residual product, the Toyota Mirai is one hundred percent emission-free.


“I am convinced that soon we will no longer be able to avoid the use of hydrogen in our daily lives in various sectors such as mobility, industry, electricity and heating. By scaling up hydrogen applications, we can decarbonise society more quickly. The step that Den Haag is now taking with this taxi fleet is an important signal towards this new era.”
Ad van Wijk, Professor of Future Energy Systems, TU Delft