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Toyota Wallbox Chargers

The energy to get the most from your EV
With a stylish Toyota wallbox charger, you can unlock the potential of your Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) or all-electric vehicle (EV) from the comfort of home. Whether it is saving fuel, driving further on pure electric power, or saving time visiting fewer public charging stations; our high-quality wallbox chargers are the convenient and cost-effective way to feel energised every day.

Home is where the charge is

Utilising your existing electricity supply, our wallbox chargers offer a simple, quick, and affordable way to recharge at home.

Connect, relax, recharge

A Toyota wallbox charger offers an easy and efficient way to recharge your PHEV or EV from home. Installed in your garage or on your driveway, they recharge your vehicle’s battery faster and more reliably than a domestic socket, so you can relax knowing you’re always fully charged and ready to go.

More charge, more fun

With a Toyota wallbox charger, you can enjoy more of the unique driving experience your PHEV or EV delivers. Regular recharging means your PHEV spends more time in silent EV mode, saving fuel and reducing emissions, while energised EV drivers can start each day knowing they can travel further without stopping to recharge.

In control of the flow

Toyota wallbox chargers put you in control, now and in the future. By scheduling your charging in-car or via the MyT smartphone app, you can take advantage of cheaper off-peak electricity rates. And as they are fitted with European-standard Type 2 connectors, you’ll enjoy charging flexibility and peace of mind for years to come.

With MyT, you’re in charge

Whether you’re scheduling charging times from your sofa or checking your battery’s charging status while you hit the shops, the MyT smartphone app brings seamless control of your Toyota to the palm of your hand.

  • Start or schedule charging
  • Check battery state of charge
  • Locate & unlock public charging


Stylish, safe, and future-ready. Toyota Wallbox Chargers offer superior quality and dependability, making them the perfect partner for your Toyota Plug-in Hybrid or Toyota Electric vehicle.