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New application for Toyota hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen fuel cell modules to be integrated into Hyliko’s heavy-duty trucks
Another key application for Toyota’s second-generation hydrogen fuel cell modules! They are to be integrated into heavy-duty hydrogen-powered trucks made by Hyliko for the European market. The partnership with Hyliko marks another step towards TME’s vision for hydrogen ecosystems in Europe.

Say Hi to Hyliko

Hyliko is a French start-up with the mission to deploy Europe’s most efficient, decarbonised freight transport fleet. The company is convinced that the most suitable solution for decarbonising heavy mobility is the rapid and easily accessible deployment of green hydrogen. Hyliko has therefore set-up Europe’s first carbon-negative decarbonisation solution for the logistics and road transport sectors. It consists of four key elements. Hydrogen trucks. A system to lease and maintain these trucks. A network of super-green hydrogen stations. And the management of carbon credits.

Toyota chosen as hydrogen technology partner

Of course, the most critical component of a hydrogen truck is the hydrogen fuel cell module. It had to be well-proven on the road, totally reliable, high performance … all of which pointed Hyliko in only one direction. “We are absolutely thrilled to partner with Toyota,” said Ovarith Troeung, CEO of Hyliko. “Renowned for their reliability and performance levels, Toyota fuel cell modules are key components in the design and construction of our new hydrogen trucks.” Hyliko’s 44-tonne tractor and 26-tonne straight truck will each be equipped with two Toyota fuel cell modules. 

Hydrogen’s key role in freight transportation

TME’s Fuel Cell Business sees great promise in trucks, which are responsible for 77% of all freight transported on European roads. The lower mass of hydrogen systems allows for heavier payload, while the fast refuelling of hydrogen is essential for heavy commercial transport. This cooperation with Hyliko further expands Toyota’s portfolio of partnerships where it provides its fuel cell technology for hydrogen solutions. Other sectors include trains, buses, generators and various marine applications. In other words, Toyota continues to accelerate the growth of zero emission hydrogen mobility.
We are delighted to announce an agreement with Hyliko for the supply of our fuel cell technology. Together with partners like Hyliko, we will continue stimulating eco-clusters around Europe towards a larger hydrogen society, as one of the main building blocks to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040.
Thiebault Paquet, VP TME R&D2 & Head of Fuel Cell Business