Some people dream of adventure, others make it their job. Meet Johan Lolos, aka @lebackpacker, a Belgian adventure photographer who travels the world to capture its natural beauty. And since natural beauty often lies far off the beaten track, it requires a ride that can handle the rough and rugged terrain that needs to be crossed to get there. In come Toyota’s trusted 4x4s.

Introducing @lebackpacker

Johan Lolos is a Belgian self-taught photographer with one of the most-followed adventure photography Instagram accounts in Europe. After graduating in PR back in 2013, he travelled to Australia for a year, where he perfected his photography skills and grew his Instagram following. Since then, he has been engaging with brands, turned his passion into his profession, and has been travelling the globe to capture dramatic landscapes and natural beauty.


On the new collaboration with Toyota, Johan comments: “Throughout my journeys, I’ve had the opportunity to drive Toyota 4x4s on various occasions. I absolutely love the rugged reliability of them. They are the perfect partner, especially when you are visiting remote areas and camping in the wild. I am absolutely thrilled that Toyota decided to join me on my next adventure. I love the brand, and I love the cars. You never see a broken down Toyota on the side of the road, as they are simply the most reliable cars out there.”

Peaks of Europe

With his latest project ‘Peaks of Europe’, Johan is setting off on a five-month road trip to capture some of the most dramatic backdrops Europe has to offer – first Scotland, Norway and Iceland in the north, before heading south to Greece, the Balkan and the Alps. Between May and October, he will cross no less than 17 countries.

Throughout his travels, Toyota will support him by providing him the cars fit for his adventure: a Land Cruiser in Scotland and Iceland, a Hilux Arctic Truck in Norway, and a Hilux fully equipped for long adventure travel for the rest of the trip.

Follow Johan’s adventure through his Instagram account @lebackpacker or through Toyota’s social channels. We will also be posting a monthly update through the website.

To get a flavour of what’s coming, here are some pictures from a recent trip in Iceland.

With the support of Toyota Great Britain, Toyota Norway, Toyota Iceland and Toyota Belgium.

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