Toyota presents: Driven

The story of travel photographer @lebackpacker

As a travel photographer, Johan Lolos, aka @lebackpacker, travels the world to discover and capture natural beauty, as well as to document the different cultures he encounters. This drive to explore and capture the world comes from an insatiable sense of curiosity.

Johan’s career started by taking a chance and by being bold. After his studies in Belgium, he bought a one-way ticket to Australia, where he turned his passion for photography into his profession. Today, Johan is one of Europe’s leading travel photographers, and a Toyota 4x4 Ambassador.

We follow Johan on a recent trip to Morocco, which takes him from the Atlas Mountains into the Sahara desert to capture the dramatic scenery, as well as the people his meets. Along the way, Johan shares his story and his drive to discover.

Follow Johan on Instagram at @lebackpacker.

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