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T-Mate Driving Assistance

Your T-Mate while driving
Also while you are on the road, our T-Mate Driving Assistance offers a set of features making the driving experience smoother and safer.


Blind Spot Monitor (BSM)

Our Blind Spot Monitor system alerts the driver to any vehicles they might not have seen in their side mirrors. This is particularly useful when overtaking.


Adaptive High Beam System (AHS)

This system is designed to ensure the best possible visibility for all road users when driving at night. It automatically optimises headlamp distribution, by shading out the area containing oncoming traffic, so your high beams do not dazzle other drivers but still give you plenty of light.


Driver Monitor Camera (DMC)

This system uses a camera located above the steering wheel to monitor a driver's alertness and condition. A warning is delivered if the system detects an abnormal status, such as fatigue. These inputs are used to enhance the performance of the Emergency Driving Stop System (EDSS) through earlier detection of inattentiveness.


Toyota Smart Connect – Road Events

This system alerts the driver about local hazards, such as accidents ahead or slippery surfaces, by collecting information from other drivers and displaying alerts on the vehicle's multimedia screen. Depending on the type of multimedia system equipped, potential hazards can also be reported, contributing to an overall improvement in traffic safety.


Emergency Call (E-CALL)

This system allows occupants to notify emergency services by pushing a switch inside the vehicle. In the event of an accident or when the vehicle's airbags are deployed, the system will activate automatically.

Please note, the features listed here are not exhaustive.
Availability of some features may differ depending on country, vehicle model and grade.
The systems operate within operational conditions and its limitations. 
Drivers are always responsible for their own safe driving. 
Always refer to the Owner’s Manual for additional information.