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Toyota Safety Sense
Toyota Safety Sense offers the latest technologies designed to prevent the most common types of accident.

Toyota Safety Sense Technologies


    Pre-Collision System (PCS)

    Our Pre-Collision System can detect and help you avoid collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. It works by alerting the driver with audio and visual warnings and brake assistance. If the driver doesn’t manage to brake in time the brakes automatically engage to prevent or mitigate a collision.


    Road Sign Assist (RSA)

    Road Sign Assist monitors the road signs ahead, displaying useful information such as the current speed limit or overtaking restrictions on your cockpit display. The system also provides a visual and acoustic warning if the driver isn’t following a road sign indication.


    Adaptive Cruise Control/Full-Range Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

    This system keeps you at a minimum pre-set distance from the vehicle in front. If this distance falls, the system reduces your speed and eventually the brakes will be applied and brake lights activated. 

    Full-Range ACC can bring the vehicle to a complete stop should the preceding vehicle stop ahead. A small input on the accelerator pedal or ACC switch will re-enable the system.

    If your car is equipped with Road Sign Assist (RSA), this system will also recognise speed limits on your driving route and suggest any necessary adjustments.


    Lane Trace Assist (LTA)

    Our Lane Trace Assist System is designed to make motorway driving safer. It keeps you centred in your lane and if you start to drift from it, steering assist will gently steer your car to correct its course.


    Automatic High Beam  (AHB)

    The Automatic High Beam system looks down the road to see oncoming headlights. If it detects headlights, it automatically turns off the high beams and engages low beams. When the headlights pass, the system automatically switches to high beams again. The result? Safer night-time driving for you and other road users.


    Emergency Driving Stop System (EDSS)

    If the system detects no driver input for some time, audible warnings will alert the driver. If no further inputs are detected, EDSS brings the vehicle to a gradual stop while keeping it safely in lane. Hazard lights are activated to warn other road users, and doors are unlocked to allow emergency services easy access if required.

Please note, the features listed here are not exhaustive.
Availability of some features may differ depending on country, vehicle model and grade.
The systems operate within operational conditions and its limitations. 
Drivers are always responsible for their own safe driving. 
Always refer to the Owner’s Manual for additional information. 

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