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We choose Toyota Hybrid Service

Trust the hybrid leaders
Over 10 million drivers around the world choose Toyota Hybrid. To ensure the best service for your hybrid, trust the hybrid leaders with over 20 years’ experience. Choose the expertise, quality and value of Toyota Hybrid Service.

We choose expertise

After 20 years of innovation, we’re proud to call ourselves hybrid leaders. Because our engineers designed and built your hybrid, when you choose Toyota Hybrid Service you’re choosing experts to keep your hybrid performing at its best for years to come.

We choose quality

As part of our annual Hybrid Health Check, our technicians test your vehicle’s hybrid system and compile a report that gives you the information you need to understand the health of your hybrid.

  • Step 1. Diagnostic test of the hybrid system.
  • Step 2. Battery health check.
  • Step 3. Battery insulation test.
  • Step 4. Auxiliary battery charging test.
  • Step 5. Cooling system check.

When your car passes its Hybrid Health Check, it is eligible for a further one-year/15,000km* of Hybrid Extended Battery. As the hybrid pioneers, only Toyota Authorised Repairers give you the peace of mind you expect and your hybrid the care it deserves.

We choose value

When you choose Toyota Hybrid Service, you enjoy the same value and efficiency you receive from your hybrid. Thanks to parts wearing less, transparent service prices and convenient service plans, maintenance costs for hybrids are up to 5% lower.

When you combine affordable maintenance, desirable running costs and unbeatable quality, you’ll see Toyota Hybrids pay you back with higher resale values.
*Whichever comes soonest

Does it cost more to service a hybrid?

No, maintenance costs for hybrid vehicles are lower than for conventional vehicles. Some parts like brake pads may in fact wear less due to the benefits of a Hybrid’s regenerative braking.

How can I book a hybrid health check?

Use our ‘Book a service’ tool to easily find your nearest service centre, to select a date & time of your visit and view the full list of services with their prices. Enjoy the quick booking process with no registration or pre-payments!

What is the hybrid health check report?

While your hybrid vehicle is being carefully checked by Toyota technicians, we will record the whole process and produce a detailed report on performance of the hybrid battery, battery insulation, hybrid coolant components and condition of your vehicle within minutes!

How often do hybrid batteries need to be replaced?

Toyota hybrid batteries have a long life and come with an 5-year or 100 000 km warranty, whichever comes first. If your batteries need to be replaced outside the warranty period, your local authorised Toyota dealer can advise you on the cost, change batteries using genuine Toyota hybrid batteries and help to recycle the old battery.

What happens if my hybrid battery runs out of charge?

A Toyota hybrid battery will never run out of charge because it continuously charge as you drive. The sophisticated system continually monitors the petrol engine and battery and seamlessly switches between each when necessary.

How does Toyota ensure quality?

When you visit Toyota workshop you can rest assured that our experienced technicians will use the latest technology and Toyota genuine parts to verify and restore your car up to the standards that it was first produced in the plant. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Which hybrid batteries can be found in your vehicle?

Every Toyota hybrid vehicle is equipped in two batteries: a high voltage hybrid ‘traction’ battery and a 12volt battery for auxiliary functions. Hybrid batteries locations differ per model of vehicle and they can be found under the back seat or under the luggage compartment.

Why to service your hybrid with Toyota?

When you service your hybrid at authorised Toyota workshop you can rest assured that your vehicle get the best hybrid care it deserves. From hybrid battery to brake pads, our hybrid technicians use only genuine Toyota parts that have been designed and tested specifically for your hybrid vehicle.