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  2. Toyota to supply its Hydrogen Technology to Caetanobus SA

Toyota to supply its Hydrogen Technology to Caetanobus SA

Toyota fuel cell system to be used in Caetanobus' first Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle city buses
Toyota today took another important step towards a broader Hydrogen Society by announcing that it will provide its hydrogen fuel cell technology to Caetanobus SA in Portugal.

Beyond passenger cars

In line with its vision of a decarbonised society – as stated in its 2050 environmental challenge, Toyota is promoting the application of its hydrogen fuel cell technology beyond passenger cars, including heavy duty trucks1, small delivery trucks2, forklifts3 and buses4.

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“Supplying our fuel cell systems to Caetanobus demonstrates the many practical uses and environmental benefits of hydrogen towards a carbon-free society. We’re really excited by the prospect of seeing the first buses of our longstanding automotive partner in European cities. Hydrogen buses have significant advantages compared to other zero emission buses, such as superior driving range and short refuelling time. These benefits allow hydrogen buses to be operated on longer routes and a higher utilisation.”
Dr Johan van Zyl, President and CEO, Toyota Motor Europe

Caetanobus to launch first hydrogen demonstration city bus in 2019

In Europe, Toyota will supply its fuel cell systems5, including fuel cell stacks, hydrogen tanks and other key components to Caetanobus SA – the renowned Portuguese bus engineering and production company – to build hydrogen fuel cell city buses.

The first zero emission fuel cell city buses will roll off the lines of Caetanobus SA, in a little over a year, and are to be operated as demonstration buses by Caetanobus SA.

5 https://newsroom.toyota.co.jp/en/detail/4198334Opens in new window


“We are very proud to be the first company in Europe to benefit from Toyota’s leading fuel cell technology and look forward to confirming our world-class bus development and manufacturing capabilities. We are convinced that hydrogen is a great solution for zero emission buses.”
José Ramos, President of Salvador Caetano Indústria holding