Countdown to winter

Toyota winter offer

With summer firmly in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to turn your attention to winter fun. Whether you’re blasting off to the slopes or loading up for hikes, our low-cost winter car check and range of genuine car accessories ensure you can settle back and enjoy safer, more comfortable road trips.

Winter Health Check

Get ready for winter

Winter Health Check created specifically for your Toyota

Our low-cost winter car check and free engine oil top-up ensure your Toyota performs at its best over winter. If replacement parts are required, our expert technicians only fit Toyota Genuine Parts designed and tested for your vehicle, maintaining its residual value and guaranteeing you're ready for every challenge winter throws your way.

Performance: Trained technicians inspect important areas of your Toyota
Safety: Items checked include: wipers, bulbs, battery, coolant and tyres
Peace of mind: Safer travel for when temperatures fall

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Winter Accessories

Space and protection for all winter payloads

Roof rack, ski box and trunk liner, designed and tested specifically for your Toyota

We offer a range of high-quality Toyota Genuine Accessories to suit every lifestyle. From a lockable roof rack and durable ski box to tailor-made trunk liners and car mats, you’ll have the space for all your winter pursuits, and the peace of mind of a 3-year warranty.

Quality: Strong, lightweight aluminium roof rack and colour-fast, UV resistant ABS plastic ski box
Installation: Easy to install and remove. Dual access ski box aids loading and unloading from either side
Security: High security multi-point central locking system and internal straps for securing ski box contents
Peace of mind: 3-year warranty 

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Winter Wheels

The safer way to colder lands

Our range of winter wheels and tyres ensure you’ll always enjoy peace of mind when temperatures fall below 7ºC. Designed and tested to provide superior grip on winter roads, they include eye-catching alloy wheels, so you can travel in safety and style when winter hits.

Performance: Superior grip and stylish design on winter roads
Safety: Winter tyres designed for temperatures below 7ºC
Peace of mind: 3-year warranty on alloy wheels

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Toyota ProTect

A space-age shine that lasts

A revolutionary new protection that keeps your Toyota looking its best

Toyota ProTect is a revolutionary treatment derived from space-age NASA know-how. Its hardened ceramic coating provides a long-lasting, high-gloss finish to bodywork and an invisible shield to interiors and alloy wheels. Just one application at your Toyota Authorised Retailer is all that’s required for lasting shine and protection.

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MyT in-car Wi-Fi

Onboard entertainment for faraway voyages

In-car Wi-Fi transforms your Toyota into an entertainment hub

MyT is a mobile app and in-car Wi-Fi from Toyota that provides a suite of connected services for you and your passengers to enjoy. Browse, game or chat through a reliable car internet connection and save time with features like real-time navigation and Find my Car. Perfect for long winter voyages.

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Ten tips for safe and successful winter road trips

From checking your car’s electrics to the techniques for driving on snow and ice, follow these ten simple tips for safe and successful winter road trips.

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