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Leave the Ordinary Behind
Toyota is famous for the Toyota Way and synonymous with Quality through the Toyota Production System, which is taught as the best-in-class in university courses.

Our Culture & our 5Cs

As we move to a Mobility company with a vision to produce happiness for all, we have developed our culture to illustrate our approach and to help guide our journey. Our people tell us that the Toyota Way values are important to them and align with their personal beliefs. The 5 Cs are: Courage, Curiosity, Creativity, Collaboration, Coaching. 

Fiona, Senior Manager, R&D UX Leader

I’m Fiona, I’m from Northern Ireland and I have been with TME for 12 years now. I did my Mechanical engineering degree in Edinburgh then a Masters in Automotive Engineering at Cranfield in England. I joined TME as a graduate in Body Engineering. 

Working at TME we have lots of tools to help people develop. The Toyota Way teaches us how to approach our work and each other. From the first day It s part of what we do, beginning with a culture of respect, so respect for ourselves, for other people, for our departments, our suppliers anyone we come into contact with really.

Teamwork is important to us. Being such a big organisation it s important that we can all work together and the Toyota Way helps get to grips with one of our main philosophies which is Genichi Gembutsu. That means to get to the source of whatever we are doing. It s always resonated with me, together with Kaizen, or continuous improvement. That "never rest on your laurels” mentality is what I like about Toyota -  if you have a good idea and you can see Kaizen opportunities you can steer it and your career.   

Pierre Luc, Senior Specialist Used Car

I’m Pierre-Luc, I’m from France, and I’m a Senior Specialist responsible for our used car programme - that s Toyota and Lexus. I’ve always been passionate about cars. It s what has driven my careers focus and I have been in the automotive business for over ten years, working with Nissan, Chrysler Renault and Fiat. 

The culture here is great. We are very diverse and inclusive, with people from all over the world. I think there are over 60 different nationalities here, so conversations and meeting let you see how different people approach situations from new perspectives.

People have a lot of respect for each other here. I feel we are heard; we are listened to and our ideas accepted and that is important to me. It helped me to feel very welcome and to fit in quickly, and I have made more than a few friends here.  I really like working at TME and I can t see me wanting to leave. 

Championing succes for all

We are a multicultural, diverse and inclusive organisation where individuals are recognised and differences celebrated. We welcome the range of perspectives of our employees that contribute to our succes. We are on our journey to create a full inclusive workplace with the 60 nationalities we already have. Actions range from our gender workshop to STEM activities to help more women into engineering roles, to enabling employee networks. In all areas we display a strong commitment to our people and to society. 

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