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Senior Specialist Used Car

What is your role within TME?

I’m Pierre-Luc, I’m from France, and I’m a Senior Specialist responsible for our used car programme - that’s Toyota and Lexus. I’ve always been passionate about cars. It’s what has driven my careers focus and I have been in the automotive business for over ten years, working with Nissan, Chrysler Renault and Fiat.  

How and why did you join Toyota?

I’ve been with TME for three years now and its flown past. I’ve always liked Toyota – my first car was a Lexus and I loved it. My career has been in automotive since University – getting Internships before a graduate post with Renault. I moved to Belgium in 2016 for family reasons and discovered that The European HQ of Toyota – TME – was in Brussels. I waited the ideal role came up that matched my profile and experience and applied, and now I’m very happy to be here.  

Can you briefly describe your journey through Toyota until now? 

I have a lot of experience in marketing cars and in connected services and multimedia, so Toyota’s new vison appeals to me. It’s a fascinating job as you are always learning. I travel a lot in for TME spending a day a week in an NMSE in France and in Spain, which is something I enjoy, seeing how the different markets work. 

What's it like to work at TME?

The culture here is great. We are very diverse and inclusive, with people from all over the world. People have a lot of respect for each other here. I feel we are heard; we are listened to, and our ideas accepted and that is important to me. It helped me to feel very welcome and to fit in quickly, and I have made more than a few friends here.   

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

I like that Toyota is changing to a mobility company and is very involved in connected technologies. In automotive you have to be aware of environmental impacts so it’s good to know I work for a company actually doing something about that. I’m really proud of the launch of the new Mirai and talk to everyone about it – it would be great to drive a hydrogen car like that as its an ambassador for our advanced technology and leadership.  

What three words best describe working at Toyota? 

Structured, Sustainable, Opportunity.