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Senior Engineer CAE

What is your role within TME?

My name is Yann, I’m from Cameroon, and currently I’m a Senior Engineer in our Crash Safety function.

How and why did you join Toyota?

After High School, I did my first degree in Mechanical Engineering in France at Troyes, then an internship, which wasn’t right for me, so I did my master’s at Cranfield in the UK, where I saw that they were teaching crash safety. I joined TME directly from there in 2013. The role I saw advertised at Toyota was for a Senior Engineer, but you don’t lose anything by applying so I did and got the job. Toyota is a very famous brand in Cameroon, so I was very happy to be successful.

Can you briefly describe your journey through Toyota until now? 

At the beginning I worked on lots of different projects. I’d thought of doing a PhD after Cranfield but the job at Toyota turned out to be working with PhD students to develop new materials, or a new model, or some research. I did that for around three years then in 2016 started working in Vehicle Development for about half of my time till 2018 when I moved to Japan for a two year Inter Company Transfer working in crash simulation.
The culture in Japan is very different but the Toyota Way means you can work at any Toyota plant. TME is an international business but for me what is important is how well people accept each other and work together nationality really doesn’t matter when you are doing your job. The Toyota respect for people is a value that’s important to me it’s how I was brought up. 

What's it like to work at TME?

TME is a good company to work for. You work hard but there are good rewards, like the company car, and support for things you want to do. To be successful here you need to persevere and be motivated. If you want to develop yourself, there are opportunities. If you can show the way you want to go works for you and for Toyota, then you’ll have all the support you need.   

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

My job is very interesting and challenging. When you drive cars, accidents will happen. We have to ensure that if they do, there is as little risk to you as possible. With simulation we can reproduce exactly what is happening and change the design to check that the vehicle will behave as we want it to, then we can do actual tests to make sure.
It’s what I went to Japan to train for, and now I bring that experience back to TME to give us the capability here. The best part about working for TME is that freedom to make a difference. It’s very rewarding. 

What three words best describe working at Toyota? 

Fair, Thriving, Cool.