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Senior Project Manager, R&D 

What is your role within TME?

I’m Mariana. I’m from Venezuela, and I’ve been with TME for 9 years now. I joined as a graduate after my degree in Venezuela and a Masters in the UK in advanced computer science.  

How and why did you join Toyota?

and I wanted to use my IT experience but not to work just in IT – I wanted to learn something new, and TME gave me that opportunity. The graduate programme lasted for two years, and I really enjoyed the time I spent with my graduate group working for a few weeks on the production line in England. It was in the paint shop, and I’ll always remember the team spirit and bonding we had as a new group to TME. Then I joined R&D as a Specialist and quite quickly I was promoted to Senior Specialist.  

Can you briefly describe your journey through Toyota until now? 

I joined TME not because it was automotive, but because it gave me the chance to use my knowledge and to develop. Typically, my projects launch in three to five years, and because it’s R&D it’s about the next car, the next generation. We have a team of twelve and right now I am working on big data analytics, and I’m project managing all of that.  

What's it like to work at TME?

TME is a good place to work, and they look after you as a person – I had a lot of help in moving to Brussels as well as helping with my visa. I’ve made some real friends her and have even met some other Venezuelan people here too, so it’s easy to get on and enjoy life in Brussels. The multicultural environment, the Toyota Way and our 5 Cs makes everything easier here. There’s also a big focus on diversity, and you can see that step by step we are working on it, which is really positive.   

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

What I love most about my job is that it’s always changing. I think being in R&D means we are always looking forward to what’s going to change and I’m always learning, which is a big thing for me. Our office is really cool too – completely open plan so you can go and speak to anyone when you need to ask something. Everyone will help you. I’d recommend TME to anyone looking for a place to grow and use your skills to develop your career  

What three words best describe working at Toyota? 

Reliable, Opportunity, Traditional values.