Toyota Tyre Insurance

Total peace of mind at the wheel

Tyres are a critical part of motoring but are often taken for granted. The ones you’re relying on right now are exposed to damage caused by broken road surfaces and punctures on a daily basis. By choosing Toyota Tyre Insurance, if you do have a tyre problem, we’ll do all the hard work so you can enjoy complete peace of mind on every journey.

Whether you’re planning the purchase of a new or pre-owned Toyota or are in the process of buying replacement tyres for your vehicle, Toyota Tyre Insurance offers a number of benefits:
  • Peace of mind: your tyres are covered for damage and punctures (vandalism and worn tyres are not covered);
  • Convenience: towing service is offered to the nearest Toyota Authorised Repairer;
  • Reassurance: free tyre repairs or replacements are carried out exclusively by the Toyota Authorised Repairer network;
  • Quality: work is carried out by the people who know your vehicle best – trained Toyota technicians.

You can enjoy the benefits of tyre insurance cover as part of the Toyota Euro Care roadside assistance package. Available to purchase in one-, two- or three-year increments, it offers complete peace of mind for mechanical, accident and owner-related incidents, such as flat batteries or lost keys.

To ensure your holiday adventures don’t fall flat, or your daily commutes leave you deflated, make sure you enjoy the convenience and peace of mind of Toyota Tyre Insurance.

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