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With us you’re in safe hands

Life's journey is long, unpredictable and wonderful and Toyota want to help keep it that way by delivering you from experience to experience safely and securely. Decades of motoring knowledge and exhaustive collaborative research ensure that every new Toyota is not only ready for action but can be depended on when you need it most – and even when you think you don't.

Out of harm’s way

When driving you rely instinctively on three abilities: recognition, judgement and manoeuvring. New Toyotas assist these abilities by helping to keep potentially dangerous situations at bay. These ‘active’ features – including ABS, brake assist, traction control and Toyota Safety Sense – are now a big part of the safety work we do at Toyota, with the ultimate goal being to eliminate traffic accidents altogether and create a safer driving environment for everyone.


With us you're in safe hands

Toyota Safety Sense

To enjoy a feeling of safety and reassurance behind the wheel, we have developed Toyota Safety Sense, a range of new active safety systems designed to help keep you and your passengers out of harm’s way: at low speeds Toyota Safety Sense can help prevent collisions entirely, while at higher speeds it aims to lessen the severity of any impact.

Prepared for anything

To constantly improve features such as impact-absorbing body structures, occupant cells, airbags, seat belts and whiplash-lessening seats, we recreate collisions from actual accident data, carry out extensive analysis and target the very highest safety results while meeting and exceeding international safety standards and evaluations.

Caring for you and your Toyota

Being recognised as a manufacturer of some of the most reliable and safe cars on the planet is a huge accolade; and achieving this whilst producing approximately 10 million cars a year makes it all the more remarkable. To help you maintain both the performance of your car and increase the comfort you experience, we have produced a range of Caring For You and Your Toyota guides, which we hope you find useful.

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