From responsive handling and powerful acceleration, to great fuel economy and a relaxed driving experience, our Hybrids have everything you’d expect from a regular car and more.

Switches seamlessly between petrol and electric

When you drive a Toyota Hybrid you don’t have to do anything different. The engine switches seamlessly between petrol and electric power. It can also use a combination of the two for fuel efficient driving or the performance you need in any condition. From a motorway at midnight to the rush hour commute, our Hybrids will always switch to the best energy source.

See how Hybrid Synergy drive works See how Hybrid Synergy drive works, unrivaled comfort, low running costs and improved fuel economy.

Could a car make you fall in love with driving again?

“It’s a car and you use it in exactly the same way you use any other car”

No need to charge the battery

You don’t even need to charge the battery – it’s done automatically.

Small, stylish, urban or adventurous? Try one of our six hybrids today
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