Not only is the fuel efficiency of our Hybrids second to none but it means they qualify for free road tax too.

Save up to 40%

Different roads, traffic and driving styles all affect the amount you’ll save. In urban areas, this is especially true as Toyota’s Stop & Start system saves energy by switching off the engine whenever the car is stopped.

Free road tax for our energy efficient Hybrids & save 40%
No need to plug in the car, it charges itself

Great News for Company Drivers

“My fuel costs are almost half what they were" Fahmida Chowhury, Yaris Hybrid owner

Running costs tool: use the calculator to see how much you could save

“I found that Toyota Hybrids have the lowest emissions and the best fuel economy...”. William Cowell, Auris Hybrid Owner

Small, stylish, urban or adventurous? Try one of our six hybrids today
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