We aim to make every trip truly enjoyable, for everyone. This means thinking about each person’s unique mobility needs. And it means caring about not only our drivers, but passengers too, and anyone affected by our vehicles. Concepts like the LQ use artificial intelligence to understand the driver and to read the road ahead to maintain everyone’s safety. Or T-Mate, intelligent systems that alert and guide you throughout your journey. We also created THUMS, virtual crash software, which we shared with all car makers so all can benefit. Because we aim to go beyond zero emissions to zero accidents too.

Zero accidents vision

From the familiar safety features available on all Toyotas, we’re expanding the concept of safety to include autonomous driving technology. It starts with T-Mate, an array of sensors surrounding your vehicle, always alert and watching your back. We are constantly striving to evolve the technology too. Our mission is to be able to prevent all injuries or deaths that occur through vehicle accidents.


Under the name T-Mate we are introducing a number of connected features that work together to keep an eye on everything going on around you. From Intelligent Clearance Sonar to Parking Assist, from Panoramic View Monitor to Pre-Collision System, it’s like having a friend at your side to guide you and keep you safe.

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Toyota has created advanced digital software to analyse the effects of different types of collisions on the human body. The goal is to continue reducing the potential for harm. The value of THUMS is so significant that we’re sharing it with all car makers so that the greatest number can benefit.

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We call it the car that loves you back. Toyota LQ uses artificial intelligence to react to your mood while driving, with calming lighting if you’re agitated or, if you show signs of fatigue, adapting the lighting to help you stay alert. LQ has the added ability to spot road hazards ahead in order to avoid accidents.

  • Beyond Zero
    Beyond Zero

    Imagine a better world beyond zero. From cities powered only by clean hydrogen to mobility solutions that benefit everyone, we’re striving to create a more inclusive and sustainable world and society.

  • Beyond Emissions
    Beyond Emissions

    Our goal is not only to reach zero emissions, but to go beyond. To create vehicles like the hydrogen-powered Mirai, which emits only water and cleans the air as it drives. Vehicles that only have a positive impact.

  • Beyond Restrictions
    Beyond Restrictions

    We believe that when you’re free to move, anything is possible. From human support robots to compact electric vehicles, we’ll be showcasing a huge range of new mobility solutions at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

  • Beyond Barriers
    Beyond Barriers

    We want our products and services to contribute positively to society. From achieving true sustainability across everything we do by 2050 to working toward cities powered by clean hydrogen, we’re imagining a better world.

  • Stories of Beyond
    Stories of Beyond

    From accelerating our hydrogen capabilities with our partners to the way we design cars in an ever more sustainable ways and consider future mobility, we also look beyond. These are the stories of some of the visionaries that help us shape the future.