The Hydrogen Society

Reshaping our society

Hydrogen is changing the face of transport - and is poised to do even more. From powering cars to heating homes, we're moving towards a hydrogen-based society. Unlike other energy sources, it only produces water, and is easy to store and transport in large amounts. Sustainable systems are needed to replace fossil fuels which are having a negative effect on our environment. Hydrogen promises to have the biggest impact on decarbonizing - it is a secure alternative moving us closer towards a cleaner society. Watch our film to find out more.

Production The need for a new power source has never been greater. Our world is in need of a sustainable system to replace fossil fuels - and the answer is hydrogen. Hydrogen can easily be built on existing fossil fuel structures, helping to reduce its cost and impact, whilst maintaining jobs and capital assets. Hydrogen can be produced using stable chemistry, so not only is it safe, clean and cost effective, but it can hold energy longer than any other medium - which makes it an extreme viable energy, commercially.

Domestic production is completely viable too - which could allow homes to produce their own electricity reducing the environmental footprint and living costs.
Transport In public transport, many countries are already trialing the use of hydrogen. It Is quick to refuel and lasts much longer than fossil fuel energy, so vehicles will be able to go further, for longer, without having to refuel. Plus, hydrogen cuts emissions, noise pollution and environmental damage on a huge scale - and all without compromising the qualityof transport.

In fact, Toyota plans to introduce over 100 hydrogen-powered buses ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. This is expected to raise understanding and awareness of hydrogen to the general public.
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