Concept vehicles shown.
Lighten the load of the last mile.
The stylish and eco-friendly Walking Area BEV (battery electric vehicle) is designed to help passengers move quickly around a city for that “last mile” of their commute. Toyota will provide its standing-type personal mobility devices for use by security and medical staff centered around and within the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 venues.
Continuous Operating Range
Approx. 14 KM
Max Speed
2, 4, 6, 10 KPH (Variable Speed)
Electric Battery
Three ways to move.
You can go anywhere you like on these three mobility devices, whether you’re standing, seated or in a wheelchair. They offer sensors for safe riding and are available on demand. Together, we’re making movement fun.
Putting the “going” in going green.
Much work lies ahead to advance BEVs. Specifically, we are focused on vehicle development and the stable supply, improved durability and reuse of batteries. Working in an extensive and open manner, we are collaborating with partners as we strive to contribute to a better society.