The 11th edition of the "Toyota Dream Car" art contest

Announcement of the European winners

At the closure of the 11th Toyota Dream Car contest, our jury selected the 9 European winners. Discover the young artists and the dream cars they have imagined for a better future.

Back in 2004 we had a dream to create a contest that would unite the imaginations of children across the world. We wanted bright young minds to develop a keen interest in cars and electrify us with their creations. As Toyota, we believe that dreams can take you anywhere, wherever you are. And that sharing children’s ideas makes for a better future. All we ask of them? Imagine what their dream car would be and how their fantasy automobile would make the world a better place.

letterAt the closure of the 2017 “Toyota Dream Car” European contest, Le Rendez-Vous Toyota received a hundred drawings in which children pushed the limits of imagination to create their Toyota car of the future. Fish -cars, solar-cars, vehicles powered by solar panels or cars that can reconnect with nature, people and animals: plenty of exciting and inspiring ideas to imagine new ways of mobility for tomorrow.

We thank you all for your participation.

Who are the 9 European winners?

Amongst all the entries, received from France and 10 other European countries, the jury members of Le Rendez-Vous Toyota selected the 3 winners of each age category. We congratulate the 9 young artists whose drawings captivated our jury by their originality and creativity. They will be informed individually and will receive their prize at home very soon.

Category 1 - under 8
Denitsa, 6, Bulgaria
Denitsa, 6, Bulgaria. "Toyota Bus". With my Toyota bus, I could travel with all my friends to different places from all around the world, even to beautiful unbounded mountains
Béatrice, 5, Lithuania
Béatrice, 5, Lithuania. "My friendly ladybird car". My dream car should become a part of nature: Friendly not only for people but also for the surrounding environment: animals, nature…My dream is to make everyone happy: family, environment and the whole world!
Moritz, 7, Germany
Moritz, 7, Germany. "Car rubber system". My dream car is a car that can race and avoid traffic jam and accidents in the highway thanks to a system in which you drive a car that is pulled with rubber cables just above the highway!
Category 2 - 8 to 11
Gergana, 10, Bulgaria
Gergana, 10, Bulgaria. "Toyota through 2050 year". My car is a fish moving to the ocean. The car makes the world more beautiful..
Nella, 9, Czech Republic
Nella, 9, Czech Republic. "A second chance car". A car full of goodies for abandoned and abused dogs to make their life better.
Carl, 8, France
Carl, 8, France. "Green world car". My dream is driving not on fuel but on using energy from sun panels. Every building has sun panels on their roofs. Cars can fly, we do not need roads anymore. There are grass and trees everywhere. Air is clean and people look healthier.
Category 3 - 12 to 15
Kameliya, 13, Bulgaria
Kameliya, 13, Bulgaria. "My solar car". My solar car moves thanks to the energy from the sun. It can fly and it develops an ecosystem inside of it, with plants, air and even planets. It transports and disseminates life everywhere it goes.
Edouard, 12, France
Edouard, 12, France. "L’échappée belle". The sweet escape. My dream is to drive a sport car with bird wings, and a controlled speed with the less polluting emissions to save the planet.
Leonardas, 13, Lituania
Leonardas, 13, Lituania. "Peace and security laboratory car". After a day work, villages, cities and countries calm down and my dream laboratory quietly goes to the streets. Color sensors installed in the car, turn and go to every direction, where people need help.
What did they win?

Each young artist wins a set of high-tech, games and customized gifts. Depending on the age category, the set includes either a tablet, as well as a product customized with the child’s drawing.

Good luck, winners, the contest is not yet over!

And for our 9 prizewinners, the story is not ending now: they are selected to the World contest and their drawings will be submitted to the jury of Toyota Japan among all the 80 participating countries. The results will be announced in July 2017 and the winners will be invited to Japan with their parents for the award ceremony in August.

We wish them good luck and hope their dream cars will “drive” them to the Land of the Rising Sun, just like Luo and Lucas, who made the final at the 2015 “Dream Car” edition.

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