The smartest city in Europe

Grenoble, France to become a pioneer in future mobility

In just a few months, 70 Toyota i-ROAD and COMS ultra-compact electric vehicles (EVs) will hit the roads of Grenoble, France as part of a unique three year car-sharing scheme.

Residents of the city nestled in the French Alps will take part in a pioneering mobility partnership between Toyota, the City of Grenoble, Grenoble-Alpes Métropole, EDF Group and Citélib that will see it become a truly Smart City.

A mobility dream becomes reality

There’s a lot written about how we will navigate our cities in the future and the countless innovations designed to make urban transport services more pleasant and manageable in years to come, but very rarely does anything come close to being a reality.

In October, our 70 electric vehicles will become operational for three years to offer commuters an innovative 100% electric car-sharing network. They will be supported by 30 charging stations managed by EDF’s subsidiary Sodetrel

Connected public transport

Connected to Grenoble’s public transport system’s IT infrastructure, the new scheme called Citélib by Ha:mo (short for Harmonious Mobility), will complement the current Citélib car-sharing service.

Through their mobiles, users will be able to check the availability of an EV at their chosen stop and reserve one. They’ll also be able to check the status of the city’s traffic so they can plan their best route – a great way to save time.


By promoting the connectivity of other public transport methods such as trams, buses and trains with our space-saving small car network, Grenoble’s commuters will be able to use our EVs to drive the first or last kilometres of their journey. Providing more flexibility and saving commuters time, while reducing traffic congestion and air quality within the city centre.

With the summer holiday a fading memory and the back to school routine in full swing, all eyes will be on Grenoble from October to see if this innovative transportation scheme manages to bring out a smile on tired commuters’ faces!

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