Toyota Touch® 2

It only feels like yesterday that every car journey needed a pre-trip checklist of essentials. Maps for town centres and highways, with directions and notes written over the pages, the favoured playlist of music on CD, tape or MP3 player and all the cables that came with them. Only after this exhaustive list of items was packed could you start your journey.

Then came the early introduction of integrated navigation systems, and in time a way of selecting and listening to your music through the same screen.

With the TOYOTA TOUCH® 2 multimedia system our advances in technology will allow you to experience a world of information and entertainment at your fingertips, displayed in a stream of high-resolution colour rich graphics on a touch screen that works with a simple drag and flick.

How does it sound to have with the Toyota Touch® 2 with Go navigation system, enhanced satellite navigation with clear visuals showing signposts, junctions and lanes with real-time traffic updates alerting you to congestion on your route and suggesting detours? Combine this with the reassurance of speed limit and speed camera warnings and you can begin to relax and enjoy those long journeys again.


With our Toyota Touch® 2 with Go Plus navigation system module added as an option, the navigation features are enhanced even further with 3D city attractions and voice recognition so you can simply tell the system where you would like to go.

To enjoy the journey even more, why not connect your iPod or MP3 remotely to the Toyota Touch® 2 multimedia system via Bluetooth® or USB and enjoy your favourite playlist reproduced in rich quality with album, artist and track information displayed, smug in the knowledge that there is no danger of leaving your favourite music at home.

In today’s world of connectivity Toyota Touch® 2 (Go and Go Plus navigation systems) won’t disappoint. With our Toyota online services and applications your car can be a hub like your computer. With the ability to download great apps such as AUPEO! which gives you the chance to personalise your in-car music experience, it learns your music taste and suggests tracks by theme, genre, artist or even mood. And Coyote, the community-based speed camera awareness app, with 3 million drivers already helping one another against every road hazard.

The integration of Google Street View™ and Panoramio™ provide imagery of your current location, or a location of your choice, allowing you to start navigating directly from the image, so you’ll never be lost.


After a simple registration process, sign in to your My Toyota Customer Portal and you can activate and manage applications for your Toyota Touch® 2 multimedia system. Stay informed of the latest weather, fuel costs and parking information as you would on a mobile, all in the comfort of your car.

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