Racing into the future

Toyota at Paris Motor Show

As the automotive world descends on the City of Light, with its great history of culture and innovation, there’s no better place than the Paris Motor Show for Toyota to showcase its vision for the future of driving. 
With TOYOTA GAZOO Racing ushering in an exciting new era for our motorsports, the Toyota C-HR taking to the roads for the first time and our all-new Prius Plug-in Hybrid making its European debut at the motor show, the future is looking bright according to Toyota!

Pushing the limits for Better

Taking centre stage in Paris, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing unites all our motorsports under one banner. This will allow us to continue innovating and developing new technologies and by pushing our race cars to extremes, we can also make the cars you drive every day even better.  
Flying the flag for TOYOTA GAZOO Racing is the new Toyota Yaris WRC, a new generation car currently in testing for our return to the World Rally Championship 2017 for the first time in 17 years. Toyota C-HR Racing is also on display after being put through its paces at the Nürburgring 24 Hours endurance race earlier this year. The race gave us the chance to refine and improve the Toyota C-HR's technology ahead of its launch. 

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A diamond in the rough

Only a year after appearing at Frankfurt 2015 as a concept car, the Toyota C-HR is soon to be driving through cities near you. In Paris you’ll be able to get up close and personal with its detailed diamond design and intricate interior. 
From the diamond-shaped switches to the door trim pattern and even the JBL speakers, every detail inside the Toyota C-HR has been carefully considered in the development of our exciting new crossover. Designed to create a stylish driving experience, combining high-tech functionality with an expansive cabin, the Toyota C-HR is completely focused on the driver. This outstanding interior is not to be missed! 

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A Hybrid pioneer

Meet the 2nd generation Prius Plug-in Hybrid – a significant step forward in our mission to create the ultimate eco car. With improved efficiency, driving performance and style, this car takes plug-in hybrids to the next level. Not only does it have double the EV driving range of its previous model, it has a host of brand new technologies – including a range-extending solar roof, a Dual Motor EV drive system and gas injection heat pump air-conditioning – making it a true pioneer!

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The smile-raiser

Bringing glamour to Paris, the 2017 GT86 is refreshed and ready to hit the road next year. With better stability, handling and responsiveness it’s invigorating to drive and sure to get your heart pumping! Even more aerodynamic and complete with a track mode, you’ll feel like you’re taking to the racetrack too. Sleeker than ever, the GT86 is sure to bring a smile to driving fans’ faces!

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Not your average energy supplier

This year’s futuristic offering comes in the form of the TOYOTA FCV PLUS Concept. A compact city car with zero emissions, this concept car is an energy source in it’s own right. The electricity it generates from hydrogen can be shared with other cars and local electricity grids while it’s parked. You can even remove the fuel stack making its clean energy extra accessible. Not only is it energy efficient – its spacious interior means it’s a pleasure to drive on the road.

Toyota live from Paris

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