The Toyota Mirai

An environmental mission for a better future rewarded by society

We have a proud history of environmental achievements. Being the first to mass-produce the pioneering hybrid vehicles back in 1997, we have gone one step further by launching the Toyota Mirai - the first mass-produced zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell sedan in 2015.

Since its launch in 2015, the Toyota Mirai has attracted attention and praise from governments, media, industry authorities, partners, science institutions and our very first customers.

The Mirai marks the start of a new age of hydrogen-powered zero-emission mobility. We are very proud to receive such a warm welcome and recognition amongst members of society across Europe.

The voice of the first Mirai Owners

Trailblazers - early technology adopters - are the first owners of the Mirai. They are sharing our vision to create the future of mobility for the next 100 years, by adopting a vehicle that offers a new, unique value - listen to their own words:

Governments and industry leaders

Industries and governments are catalysts to support infrastructure development necessary to the further expansion of the fuel cell technology. Last year there were already 40 refuelling stations in the European countries where the Mirai went on sale, with hundreds more to follow.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits Toyota stand at the Frankfurt Motorshow to see the world's first mass-produced hydrogen-powered car Toyota Mirai.
Flanders Vice-Minister-President Annemie Turtelboom on hand to demonstrate support for building hydrogen infrastructure in Flanders by Air Liquide.
Mayor of London Boris Johnson visits Toyota Headquarters in Japan and confirms “Transport for London” as a first customer for the Toyota Mirai in the UK.
ITM Power plc and greentomatocars, manufacturer of integrated hydrogen energy solutions and London’s first green private car service respectively are welcoming Toyota Mirai in their fleet.
Media and Science authorities

We are honoured to be awarded by the members of the media and the scientific community; the recognition we receive from unbiased and independent authorities in their respective fields is a great support in sharing our message to bring the real change and help the world meet critical environmental challenges.

Financial Times (FT) ArcelorMittal Boldness in Business Awards 2016 - UK

We have been awarded with the Business Awards 2016, in the Corporate Responsibility & Environment category. Here is the excerpt from our acceptance speech by Tony Walker: “Fuel cell vehicles are able to generate their own electricity from hydrogen, making them a key factor in creating the future Hydrogen Based Society.

We do believe this technology will evolve years ahead, and while there will be challenges to overcome, as with any game changing development, Toyota commits to be pioneering this technology step by step and through coordinated dialog with industry partners and government bodies and through events like these we can ensure that the benefits of new and emerging technologies can be more widely understood, appreciated and realised. We commit to developing society in which people can move freely, in comfort and safety, and in environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.”

World Green Car of the Year 2016 - International Automotive Journalists

The Toyota Mirai has been declared the 2016 World Green Car of the year at a press conference hosted by the New York International Auto Show. It has been elected by a jury of 73 international automotive journalists from 23 countries. Karl Schlicht, EVP Sales & Marketing at Toyota Motor Europe, commented “As recognized leaders in Hybrid technology, we are truly honoured to have received such an important award.

This is a clear recognition of Toyota’s long term commitment to Fuel Cell, a convincing, safe and relevant mobility solution which is leading the way to the development of the ultimate ECO car.”

Environmental Award of the year 2015, ARBÖ - Austria

The Austrian automobile club ARBÖ has awarded the Toyota Mirai with the “2015 Environmental Award” in category of “Current Innovative Environmental Technologies”.

The jury consisted of ARBÖ automotive experts. Gerald Killmann, Vice President R&D of Toyota Motor Europe, commented “We would like to express our thanks to ARBÖ for having awarded the Toyota Mirai with this prestigious prize. If we want to secure the future of the automobile as flexible, personal and clean transport for the next 100 years, we need to consider which energy can power our cars tomorrow.”

Innovation of the Decade 2015, CAM - Germany

The Toyota Mirai landed at the top of the Germany‘s Center of Automotive Management’s ranking of the world’s 100 most significant automotive engineering innovations.

To make their ranking, the CAM team, closely examined more than 8,000 new innovations in the period from 2005 to 2015. These were rated according to their relevance to the market and industry as well as their innovativeness.

Best Technology Award 2016, WhatCar? - UK

The Toyota Mirai has been honoured with the Technology Award in the 2016 What Car? Awards. “Supporters say hydrogen fuel cell technology holds the key to the future of sustainable motoring. Critics point out that there is next to no recharging infrastructure, that developing it will be hugely costly and that the fuel cell technology itself is far too complex and expensive to hold any mass appeal.

Our judges’ counter to that was that all-new technologies need early champions, and that Toyota’s bravery in trying to force change is to be applauded.” Jim Holder, What Car? Editorial Director.


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