7 ways to plan a summer drive to remember

It’s hard to beat the feeling of setting off on a summer adventure. The excitement builds the moment the planning begins and the fun starts when you turn the key. To make sure every journey you take is a road-trip to remember, we’ve found seven ways you can plan for the perfect summer drive.

Crown your car’s captain


Small details make a big difference


Whether it’s checking the essentials are loaded, refreshments are packed, pets are on board (if they’re coming along) and any can’t-miss TV is set to record – pride needs to be put to one side and a captain of the trip needs to be chosen to ensure a happy and carefree road-trip is enjoyed by all.

Planning your route in advance can make all the difference. Make a note of important junctions and roads along the way and mark the milestones off during the trip. Map out places to stop on route; it’s far more fun to break the journey up at places of interest like viewing points, farmers markets and historic towns than an anonymous service station.

A playlist that’s music to everyone’s ears


Make your journey an occasion to remember. Preparing a road-trip playlist where everyone’s favourite summer hits are added – so that all you do is press play – is key to keeping everyone’s feet tapping.  If you’re driving alone, spark fond memories by revisiting old playlists and enjoy singing as loud (and out of tune) as you like.

Everyone loves a to-do list


A tidy car is a healthy mind


There’s nothing more satisfying than ticking off a to-do list to avoid driving away without that ‘have I forgotten something’ feeling. Now you won’t be distracted thinking did I lock the back door, pack my favourite summer shorts or tell the neighbours we’re away, you’ll be enjoying your summer drive the moment you set-off.

It’s a great idea to plan for breaks on the journey to fit in with all your passengers’ dietary needs.  From pre-packed lunches to a fast-food treat, make sure you carry plenty of plastic bags (empty cereal boxes is another family favourite) to scoop the rubbish up as you go and, for those fast-food hits, hand wipes and an air freshener to mask those holiday-long reminders of temptation.

Powering up to avoid “battery low”


A smooth drive to settle stomachs


From the co-driver’s phone or the children’s tablet to the life-saving portable satellite navigation unit – modern lives crave power. So power up and lay out the chargers you need in advance and carry a multi-device power pack to avoid that unavoidable feeling of helplessness. One useful tip for those moments of urgency: charge a mobile in flight-safe mode for a speedier top-up of power.

Every family has them: the loved-one who’s so travel sick they turn green in a flash, but the right approach can make the journey far less eventful. Make sure they’ve eaten before setting off (not too much of course), drive as smoothly as possible avoiding sudden acceleration, and minimise the time spent on small screens. If all else fails, discover our tips for clean cabin in point 5 ‘A tidy car is a healthy mind’!

You’ve ticked off your lists, loaded your bags and made sure everyone’s taken their seats; in a few hours time you’ll be at the end of your road-trip and all your planning will be worth it. But for now, it’s time to have some fun and let the good times begin on your summer drive to remember.

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