Aygo x-cite

15" glossy black alloy wheels (10-spoke)
Black large centre caps
Bold Black front-x-tension
Piano black insert on licence plate
LED front light guide
Magenta Splash front bumper liner
Piano black insert on front bumper
Piano black diffuser
Bold Black roof
Pure Orange door mirrors
Rear spoiler
Rear-view camera

Rear-view camera

The system features a sensor valve within each wheel to constantly monitor tyre air pressure. These sensors link with a dashboard indicator that illuminates to warn you if the pressure falls below the recommended level. By doing so, the system contributes to safer driving, better tyre wear and greater fuel efficiency.

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)

VSC automatically activates each individual brake as needed and controls engine output to help maintain stability and prevent skidding when turning sharply or cornering on slippery road surfaces.

Rear combination lamps (LED)
Front fog lamps (bulb)
Hill-start Assist Control (HAC)

Hill-start Assist Control (HAC)

HAC helps to ensure a smooth start on steep inclines by applying the brakes for up to 2 seconds after the brake pedal is released. This prevents the vehicle from rolling back. It is activated by pushing the brake pedal harder after stopping as long as the transmission shift lever is in any forward gear position.

Smartphone Integration powered by Pioneer
Magenta Splash side air vent surrounds
Piano black centre console
Piano black gear shift console
Pure Orange surround on gear shift knob
Front 12V power outlet
Driver & front passenger floor mats
ISOFIX seat fixing

ISOFIX seat fixing

Seats incorporate special anchor points, including a top tether that helps prevent the seat tipping forward. These provide a safe and convenient way of correctly securing ISOFIX child seats (available from your Toyota dealer).

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