Discover the Toyota Corolla hybrid family

There’s a Corolla for every driver

As the agile Corolla Hatchback and the versatile Corolla Touring Sports join the refined Corolla Sedan, the most popular car of all time widens it’s offering – while also being reimagined as hybrid. So whatever your lifestyle and whichever body type you choose, you'll benefit from self-charging hybrid powertrains, plus the reliability for which Toyota is renowned. Stylish, efficient and a joy to drive, this is the new Corolla: an icon for the modern age.

Efficiency, meet delight

With the new Corolla Hybrid, you will enjoy excellent fuel efficiency alongside super-low emissions – which fall to zero when you drive on electric power alone. With more major cities introducing low-emission regulations, you’ll be free to drive wherever you want to.

Spirited and responsive in the city, the 1.8 litre Hybrid engine provides a smooth, relaxed drive. For the first time, both Corolla Hatchback and Corolla Touring Sports are available with a new 2.0 litre Hybrid Dynamic Force engine delivering even more power. Whichever you choose, you’ll enjoy an engaging yet economical experience, whatever the driving situation. And because Corolla is self-charging, you’ll never even need to plug it in.

When driving is this satisfying, it’s the perfect time to join over 12 million people – including two million here in Europe – in choosing Toyota Hybrid. It’s just one of the reasons why, more than four decades after its launch, Corolla remains the world’s favourite car.

Built to deliver more

Corolla is built on Toyota’s advanced new TNGA engineering platform, delivering a truly satisfying drive. A more rigid body and low centre of gravity come together to reduce body roll when cornering, while the double wishbone suspension absorbs shocks more effectively, for a smoother ride. Even the driving position has been optimised, to help cut down fatigue on long journeys.

Designed to impress

The new Corolla is a car that can take everyone everywhere, in both comfort and style.

The Corolla Hatchback looks bold and dynamic. Its wide front and low bonnet give it a streamlined look, which is enhanced by a set of sporty 18" alloy wheels, a wide, striking grille and distinctive all-LED headlamps.


The Corolla Touring Sports delivers a sleek look, but also adds extra space, exactly where you need it. Whether you need to carry a couple of bags or the whole family’s luggage, its generous boot space will fit everything in, thanks to an adjustable deck board and easily folded seats.


Stylish and practical, the Corolla Sedan is characterised by refined lines which flow from the low nose to its spacious boot. It also shares the wide stance of the rest of the Corolla range. This is a Corolla that will make an impression, wherever you choose to drive.

Safety is never just an option – it’s standard

Crucially, Toyota Safety Sense is standard across every Corolla, because your safety is essential – never an afterthought. This unique safety system includes an array of updated safety features that makes driving easier, while keeping you and your passengers even safer. From informing you of potential hazards to actually helping to avoid them, this essential technology takes safety to the next level.

Wider to Toyota Safety Sense is a range of intelligent driver aids that ensure every journey is as easy as it is enjoyable. For instance, the rear-view camera, Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Cross Traffic Alert make sure that you and your passengers are safer and more relaxed than ever before.

More about Corolla

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