Prius Plug-in Hybrid Solar

15" bi-tone grey & silver alloy wheels (10-spoke)
Black upper front grille
Power-retractable door mirrors
Solar roof
Adaptive LED headlamps
Adaptive Cruise Control with Full Stop Functionality

Adaptive Cruise Control with Full Stop Functionality

This technology allows you to pre-set your cruising speed and the minimum distance from the vehicle in front. If the car in front reduces speed, the system will keep the pre-set distance and will instantly bring the car to a complete standstill if traffic halts. When the car in front moves off again, the system will gradually accelerate until your vehicle returns to the pre-set cruising speed. To move off from a standstill, the system is reactivated by pressing the accelerator or by the cruise control lever.

Rear-view camera

Rear-view camera

The system features a sensor valve within each wheel to constantly monitor tyre air pressure. These sensors link with a dashboard indicator that illuminates to warn you if the pressure falls below the recommended level. By doing so, the system contributes to safer driving, better tyre wear and greater fuel efficiency.

Toyota Touch® 2 with Go navigation system

Toyota Touch® 2 with Go navigation system

Building on the Toyota Touch® 2 multimedia base unit, Toyota Touch® 2 with Go includes a navigation system with full European map coverage, detour and eco-route functions. Its WVGA screen displays a 2D and 3D map view with connected services including real-time traffic updates and local online search facilities. Advanced Bluetooth® enables features such as Toyota Eurocare roadside assistance and SOS emergency call support.

6 speakers
Piano black centre console
Rear passenger air conditioning
Heated driver & front passenger seats
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