Proace Electric

Electric range 315 km
Electric range 196 km

Proace Electric, your new electric tool

Proace Electric combines the no-compromise capability and versatility of the Proace, with the performance and efficiency of an all electric, zero-emission powertrain.
  • Design

    With a choice of three body types, three lengths and a choice of four or five doors, Proace Electric has been designed to perform whatever you need to do.

  • Interior technology

    Proace Electric offers a range of unique EV features and advanced connectivity, to keep you informed and in control each day, including:
    - Battery charging and thermal pre-heating programmes
    - Charging station locator
    - Autonomy range check
    - Battery usage display

  • Safety

    When your business takes you on the road every day, you want to know that you’re travelling in safe hands. With Toyota Safety Sense in the new Proace Electric, you’re doing just that. Available in two optional Toyota Safety Sense packages, the wide range of innovative safety systems help to keep you safe.

EV driving FAQs

  • How far can I go on a charge

    Proace Electric can be specified with either a 50 kWh or 75 kWh battery. Offering driving ranges of up to 230km and up to 330km respectively, they offer the perfect solution for your business needs, whether it’s frequent city drop-offs or daily long-distance driving.

    50 kW range = up to 230 kilometres
    75 kW range = up to 330 kilometres
  • Where can I charge

    Domestic home socket
    Plug directly into your existing home electric network.

    Fast, reliable, dedicated home/office wall box

    Public chargers
    Plug in to any public fast chargers in the street or dedicated parking spaces
  • How long does a charge take

    Whether you’re charging via a home socket, through a wall box or fast charging on the go, Proace Electric keeps you powering on.

    Plugged into a domestic socket, just like a mobile phone, the 75 kWh battery is fully charged in 40-42 hours*.

    Plugged into a fast, reliable, dedicated home/ office wall box, the 75 kWh battery is fully charged in 7 hours*.

    Plugged into a rapid charger, accessible to the public, the 75 kWh battery is fully charged in 0.75 hours*.

    * Charging times subject to local circumstance
  • Low running costs

    With generous savings on fuel, tax and maintenance costs, Proace Electric saves your business money at every turn.
  • 0% emissions

    Proace Electric’s silent, zero-emission powertrain gives you the freedom of the city and, in many places, free or discounted parking.

Charging status indicator

Located inside the Proace Electric’s charging lid, the battery status indicator light provides an easy way of checking charging status.

Combimeter and TFT screen

The combimeter shows 'on-the-move' information from electric consumption and battery capacity to EV system indicators.

New Proace Electric Highlights

  • Load space to handle every demand

    With three lengths and four body types, impressive payload and towing capacity at your disposal, every job’s covered.
    - 1T payload (1.2T optional)
    - 1T towing capacity

  • Choice of power

    Available with a choice of batteries, Proace Electric delivers the zero-emission solution to suit your needs.
    50 kWh battery range = 230 km* 
    75 kWh battery range = 330 km*
    *Depending on driving conditions

  • It's easy to recharge

    Whether you’re charging via a home socket, through a wall box or fast charging on the go, Proace Electric keeps you powering on.
    QUICK CHARGING: 50 KW: 0.5h*/75 KW: 0.75 h*
    WALL BOX: 50 KW: 4.75h*/75 KW: 7 h*
    DOMESTIC HOME SOCKET: 50 KW: 15-28 h*/75 KW: 40-42 h*
    * Charging times subject to local circumstance