The all-new Toyota RAV4

All SUV. All Hybrid. No Half-measures

Built to be driven and designed to stand out, the new RAV4 delivers robust styling with interior craftsmanship. At home in the city, its high stance provides excellent visibility while the engaging driving position ensures you are always in control. The cabin is uniquely spacious, comfortable and thoughtfully designed. And thanks to the new powerful 2.5L Hybrid Dynamic Force powertrain, the RAV4 delivers a capable performance in all conditions.

We Choose Hybrid

Our hybrid story began in 1997 with the pioneering Prius. Famous for its environmentally friendly credentials, it inspired early buyers who could see the technology’s potential. Today, as proud hybrid leaders with over 20-years’ experience, not only are we one of the cleanest and most efficient hybrid ranges available but stylish, responsive and flexible too.

Toyota Hybrids are synonymous with a tranquil drive - and for good reason too. The silence of the engine really is something you have to experience to understand. Not only do you get a true feeling of the ultra-smooth ride, but it’s a very calming environment too - should you want it to be that is. Because with the new RAV4 there's ample power matched by confident precision, delivering a drive that is utterly exhilarating. It's no wonder we have redefined what it means to be hybrid.

A Hybrid SUV, without compromise

With environmental issues leading to even stricter anti-emissions regulations being instilled in large European cities, Toyota’s self-charging hybrid range is an attractive offering in eco-friendly, urban transport. Our unique, hybrid powertrains combine the lowest possible emissions with the capability of driving for up to 50% of a daily commute using all-electric power alone, without ever needing to be plugged in.

The new Hybrid Dynamic Force powertrain, which makes its debut in the new RAV4, is a four-cylinder, 2.5-litre Hybrid petrol engine, focused on pure driving pleasure. Using both direct and indirect injection, it delivers ample torque at all speeds. Maximum torque to the rear wheels has increased from 953 to 1,300 Nm, providing a more sure-footed performance, especially noticeable when pulling away on loose, slippery surfaces.

Additionally, the level of torque that can be directed to the rear wheels has also noticeably increased, meaning the front/rear split can be adjusted up to 20:80, depending on the road surface. This delivers outstanding performance without compromise and gives you confidence in every driving situation - all the while delivering a seriously fun drive.

And if that wasn't enough, the introduction of a Trail Mode, gives RAV4's Hybrid AWD-i an even higher level of escapability - for the best possible grip and control. This is testament to how the engineers have created synergy between the Hybrid Dynamic Force powertrain and the innovative Hybrid AWD-i system. Giving you the benefit of hybrid, with the capabilities of an SUV.

Alongside these improvements, the maximum output has also been dialed-up to 222 DIN hp/163 kW for the Hybrid AWD-i while the FWD system has seen an increase to 218 DIN hp/160. And as proof of its real-world power, RAV4's acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h takes just 8.1 seconds. For the driver, this means a smoother, more linear pull-off from stationary and improved efficiency at higher speeds - meaning you have the power you need, exactly when you need it.

The new RAV4 can drive anywhere and everywhere. From urban areas with emission restrictions to multi-lane highways and country roads in challenging conditions. And because of the 'power with no compromise’ philosophy, RAV4 delivers impressive performance, drivability, efficiency and vast improvements to drive technology.

Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA): a new foundation for Ever Better Cars

Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) represents the foundation for all of Toyota's future powertrain and vehicle development. It marks a revolution in the way the company designs, engineers and manufactures vehicles, and is integral to the company’s mission to build ever better cars that are more stylish, more enjoyable to drive and even safer.

The new TNGA platform has perfected the core, essential elements that make up RAV4, raising the level of the overall experience. The TNGA platform underpins the “confident and natural” driving quality Toyota has sought for the new model: “confident” in reacting favourably to disturbances while delivering a sense of stability, and “natural” in its intuitive response to the driver's inputs.

One example of the many improvements is the location and design of the fuel tank, which was completely re-engineered, improving handling and weight distribution. An overall reduction in the car’s weight, a lowering of its centre of gravity and an increase in chassis rigidity was also achieved - making RAV4 easier to handle and truly fun to drive.

The TNGA platform allowed Toyota's designers more freedom to achieve their mission: create the new RAV4 with a strong SUV character and styling that sets it apart from other models in its segment. Designed with a solid form that extends from the front of the vehicle along the sides to the rear, the RAV4 has a strong sense of mass with authentic SUV capabilities - achieving an exterior look that is powerful and individual.

The refined interior is a delight to be in with all senses being taken into account, from the luxurious soft touch areas through to the high-level cabin quietness and comfortable seating. Wherever you sit, you'll have all the space you need - in the rear, the seats have an improved width and the rear wells are even more spacious giving you the room to stretch out. From the driver's perspective, the new TNGA chassis delivers a more engaging driving position together with better visibility and a more commanding view of the road - a defining quality of a pure SUV.

The load space behind the rear seats is larger than before, with class leading capacity and a fully flat floor. Its total length has been extended by 60mm giving you 79 more litres of space. Flexibility has also been designed-in: with the rear seats folded down, the new RAV4 can accommodate a 29-inch mountain bike without the wheels removed. There is a height-adjustable, two-level deck board that can be reversed, in case dirty items need to be transported.

The rear seats have a 60:40 split-folding function for those awkward loads, while the storage nets on each side of the boot make sure smaller items stay exactly where you left them. Clever details include a hand grip on the tailgate that can serve as a hanger and a power-operated tailgate with hands-free function.

Additionally, the upgraded Toyota Safety Sense package ensures extreme security for you, your passengers and your fellow road-users. This delivers an enjoyable with class-leading safety, from a product that is full of personality with an eye-catching design and refined interior comfort - setting a precedent for modern SUVs.

The first ever better car is here; thanks to the new TNGA platform.

A powerful design statement, inside and out

Built to be driven and designed for those who choose to stand out.

Exterior design
Interior design

With sharp, dynamic styling that combines a robust character with refined exterior details, RAV4 looks like no other SUV.

Refined sensory quality and segment-leading standard technology come together in a thoughtfully designed space, where simplicity meets high technology in seamless style.

Toyota Safety Sense

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